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AAAU   Active Antenna Array Unit                   ARS   Active Radar Seeker
AAAAU  Active Aperture Array Antenna Unit
AAD    Advance Air Defence                         ASCS  Airborne Sonar for Coastal Security
ACADA  Automatic Chemical Agent Detector
       & Alarm                                     ASTE  Aircraft & Systems Testing Establishment
ACCCS  Artillery Combat Command & Control
       System                                      ASW   Anti-Submarine Warfare
ACE    Armament and Combat Engineering
       Systems                                     AT Acceptance Test
ACS    Activated Carbon Sphere
ADFCR  Air Defence Fire Control Radar              ATAGS Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System
ADPUI  Array Data Processing Utility-Infralocator
ADS    Active Denial System                        ATGM Anti-Tank Guided Missiles
ADT    Air Data Terminal
ADTCR  Air Defence Tactical Control Radar          ATM   Anti-Tank Missile
AE     Acoustic Emission
AERO   Aeronautical Systems                        ATP   Acceptance Test Procedure
AESAR  Active Electronically Scanned Array
       Radar                                       ATR   Aeronautical Test Range
AEW&C  Airborne Early Warning & Control
AFITT  Automated File Integrity Testing Tool       AWACS (I) Airborne Warning and Control System
AFs    Airframes                                                  (India)
AFVs   Armour Fighting Vehicles
AGCS   Airborne Guidance & Control System          BDOC Beam Director Optical Channel
AIP    Air Independent Propulsion
ALH    Advanced Light Helicopter                   BEL Bharat Electronics Limited
ALTAS  Advance Light Towed Array Sonar
ALWT   Advanced Light Weight Torpedo               BEML Bharat Earth Movers Limited
AMAGB  Aircraft Mounted Accessory Gear
       Box                                         BMCS Bi-modular Charge System
AMSL   Above Mean Sea Level
AoA    Angle of Attack                             BMD   Ballistic Missile Defence
AoN    Acceptance of Necessity
APEDA  Agricultural and Processed Food             BML   Bar Mine Layer
       Products Export Development Authority
APTT   Avionics Part Task Trainer                  BOSS  Border Surveillance System
ARRV   Armoured Recovery and Repair Vehicle
                                                   BPJ Bullet Proof Jacket

                                                   BPT Bulk Production Trials

                                                   BVRAAM Beyond Visual Range Air to Air

                                                   CADS Controlled Aerial Delivery Systems

                                                   CAM   Chemical Agent Monitor

                                                   CAS   Chief of Air Staff

                                                   CATH  Combined Altitude Temperature and

                                                   CC R&D Chief Controller R&D

                                                   CCPT Command Carrier Post Tracked

                                                   CCS   Cabinet Committee on Security

                                                   C-DAC Centre for Development of Advanced

                                                   C-DOT Centre for Development of Telematics

                                                   CDR   Critical Design Review

                                                   CEPTAM Centre for Personnel Talent Management

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