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IRDE     Instruments Research & Development Establishment
ISSA     Institute of Systems Studies and Analyses
ITM      Institute of Technology Management
ITR      Integrated Test Range
JCB      Joint Cipher Bureau
LASTEC   Laser Science & Technology Centre
LRDE     Electronics & Radar Development Establishment
MTRDC    Microwave Tube Research & Development Centre
NMRL     Naval Materials Research Laboratory
NPOL     Naval Physical and Oceanographic Laboratory
NSTL     Naval Science & Technological Laboratory
PXE      Proof & Experimental Establishment
RAC      Recruitment and Assessment Centre
R&DE(E)  Research & Development Establishment
RCI      Research Centre Imarat
SAG      Scientific Analysis Group
SASE     Snow & Avalanche Study Establishment
SSPL     Solid State Physics Laboratory
TBRL     Terminal Ballistics Research Laboratory
VRDE     Vehicles Research and Development Establishment

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