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approximately, 1100 participants underwent            different countries. The Intelligence Bureau
training. In addition, induction programmes           (IB) included almost all the labs/estts under
for SAO-I & II, Store Officers recruited through      the ambit of IB industrial security inspection.
UPSC have also been designed and conducted            During the year, 14 DRDO labs/estts. underwent
for the first time.                                   industrial security inspections by IB. Security
                                                      sensitization programme was also carried
     ITM conducted 31 courses in the area of          out at DRDO HQ in coordination with IB.
Project Management, Technology Management,            Vigilance Awareness Week was observed from
Materials Management and Organisational               30 Oct 2017 to 04 Nov 2017 in all the labs/
Behaviour. A total of 828 personnel from              estts of DRDO.
various DRDO labs/estts attended the training
programmes.                                           WOMEN EMPOWERMENT

     Every year few selected scientists are deputed        DRDO as an employer is committed for creating
to undergo ME/MTech/PhD at various Indian             a healthy, safe work environment that enables
Institute of Technology (IIT), Indian Institute of    employees to work free from unwelcome, offensive
Science (IISc) and other reputed Indian universities  and discriminatory behaviour, which enable them
under the sponsorship programme. 117 officials        to deliver their best at work without fear of
have been sponsored to acquire post-graduate          prejudice, gender bias and sexual harassment. It
and doctoral qualification.                           is ensured that women employees are accorded
                                                      equal opportunities for enhancement of their
     DESIDOC, Delhi, is providing scientific and      skills and knowledge and fulfillment of their
technical information required by the DRDO HQ         potential. This has resulted in many women
as well as DRDO labs/estts across the country.        scientists having top positions in DRDO and
Besides, it is also bringing out scientific and       achieving Organisational objectives.
technical publications to give impetus to research
and technology development and subsequent                  Every year DRDO commemorate International
knowledge upgradation. During the year 2017,          Women’s Day at national level across the
DESIDOC initiated two video magazines for             country. A one day national level workshop
Technology Focus & DRDO Newsletter. DRDO              on “Mahila Unleashing Dynamism in Research
publications of 2017 are being produced in            Areas (MUDRA-2017)” was hosted by ASL
flipbook and E-book formats for user-friendly         at Hyderabad where more than 270 women
reading.                                              scientists, technologists, officers and staff from
                                                      different laboratories/establishments of DRDO
VIGILANCE AND SECURITY                                from all over the country participated.

     DRDO labs/estts are vital installations of            Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at
national importance and have been contributing        the Workplace: During the year, 3 no. of cases
immensely to the defence of our nation, and           were reported, out of which 2 have been closed.
thus, it is imperative that security of our labs      Charge sheet has been issued in 2 no. of cases
is not compromised under any circumstances.           and DICC report is awaited in 1 case.
To enhance the security of DRDO labs/estts,
stringent measures were enforced to prevent any       IMPLEMENTATION OF GOVERNMENT
breach of security which may lead to damage           INITIATIVES
and loss of life and property. The Directorate
of Vigilance and Security (V&S) has taken                  Annual and five year action plans for
various initiatives on a regular basis to ensure      ‘Swachh Bharat’ have been prepared and the
security of DRDO labs/estts is maintained at the      activities are being pursued as per the plans,
highest level. Policy guidelines were issued for      e.g. cleanliness drive, tree plantation etc.
all security related matters. In the year 2017,       International Yoga Day was celebrated across
3108 security clearance for foreign Nationals         all labs. As a tool for promoting Digital India,
were processed to facilitate co-operation with        E-procurement across labs hase been actively

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