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INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS (IPRs)                       opportunity to make our country self-reliant in
                                                          Defence technologies, in turn stimulating collaborators
     About 155 IPR applications (including 13             from industry, academia and international
in foreign countries) were filed. A total of              organisations.
78 patents (including 05 in foreign countries)
were granted during the period. In addition,              QUALITY, RELIABILITY AND SAFETY (QR&S)
01 copyright and 02 designs were registered
in India. In order to promote IPR awareness                    During the year, Directorate of Quality,
among DRDO scientists, five IPR awareness                 Reliability and Safety (DQR&S) was able to
programmes were held during the period in                 impart and in-still QR&S awareness among
different DRDO laboratories.                              all the clusters/labs by conducting QR&S
                                                          workshops covering 56 labs/estts. User’s
PARLIAMENTARY AFFAIRS                                     perspective towards QA were stressed upon
                                                          by various QA agencies from DGQA, BEQI,
     Directorate of Parliamentary Affairs (DPA)           DQA(N), DGNAI, HAL, QCI, BEL, L&T,
deals with all the Parliament matters concerning          Reliasoft, Minitab and American Society for
Dept of Defence R&D; all matters related to               Quality. Notable achievements are:
Parliamentary Committees in respect of Deptt. of
Defence R&D and also coordinates visits of the            • Participation in development/user/internal trials of
Parliamentary Committees to the establishments
under Deptt. of Defence R&D. During the year,                DRDO projects: DQR&S actively participated
DPA successfully coordinated for 10 Parliamentary            in DGQA and Plains trials of MMHG at
Committee visits/meetings. The details of admitted           Nagpur and HAA trials at Sikkim (TBRL);
questions in both houses of Parliament during                DRDO trials of 1 kW laser (LASTEC); Phase
the period of Parliament Sessions in 2017 are                II developmental trials of Dhruti Receiver
mentioned in Table 7.                                        (DARE), developmental DRDO trials of QRSAM
                                                             (DRDL) to name a few.
Table 7. DRDO related questions raised in the Parliament
                                                          • Third Party QA Services: A contract has been
House      Starred/  Budget Monsoon Winter
                                                             concluded for 3rd party QA/QC Services for
Lok Sabha  Unstarred Session Session Session                 DRDO projects. All the labs are likely to
& Rajya                                                      be benefitted with this to enhance their QA
Sabha      Starred   -     -   Going                         inspections during development and production
                           13  on                            stages.
Total      Unstarred 20    39
                                                          • Safety Council Meeting: The first DRDO Safety
           Input Reply 67
                                                             Council meeting was held on 9th Nov 2017.
                     87 52     -                             Explosive safety audit and fire/environment
                                                             safety audit covering 32 labs were successfully
PROJECT MANAGEMENT                                           completed by CFEES and DQR&S.

     Directorate of Planning and Coordination             • CRE & CQE Certification by ASQ: DRDO is a
(DP&C) has evolved XIII Five Year Plan (2017-22)
Projections document of DRDO after detailed                  corporate member of ASQ and two courses
deliberations with labs/cluster DGs, and series of           (CRE & CQE) were conducted by ASQ at
interactions with the three Services. Under the              Hyderabad and Pune, respectively.
aegis of HQ IDS, a concerted effort was made to
evolve the plan, especially the ‘Mission Mode’ (MM)       RAJBHASHA
projects of DRDO, through mutual consultation
and consensus between the DRDO and the three                   The Rajbhasha Directorate at DRDO HQ
Services. For the first time, MM projects have            facilitates DRDO labs/estts for implementation
been duly factored-in to the integrated plan of           of ‘Official Language Policy of the Union of
the MoD/Services, lending much needed synergy             India’ and achieving the targets laid down in
to the plan formulation process. The visionary            the annual programme. Various Hindi-related
document will provide a pathway and an ideal              activities are organised by the laboratories
                                                          during the year. Most of the DRDO laboratories

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