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AUDIT                                                 b) DDR&D has achieved highest disposal
                                                             rate (99%) of grievances in MoD and still
     Comptroller and Auditor General of India                maintaining the same since last six months;
audits the Organisation through the Director                 and
General of Audit, Defence Services, to ensure
compliance of standing financial rules and            c) Disposal rate of grievances (99%) is the
practices. It also conducts performance audit of             second highest amongst all Government
the Organisation from time-to-time. Organisation’s           Departments/Ministries.
HQ has a directorate namely Finance and Materials
Management (F&MM) for interaction with the            INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY & CYBER
audit authorities to clarify/reply the issues raised  SECURITY (IT & CS)
by the audit authorities at different levels. The
directorate initiates corrective actions in the            Next-generation IT-enabled products and
organisation as and when it becomes necessary.        services are being used for effective project
                                                      monitoring, project interaction, and process
     Table 6 gives the status of the C&AG Draft/      operations securely between DRDO HQ and
Audit Paras related to DRDO for the year 2017.        labs/estts. Directorate of IT & CS has carried
                                                      out the following activities during the year:
                                                      • Cyber Security Audit of all Delhi based DRDO
     The Centralised Public Grievances Redress
and Monitoring System (CPGRAMS) has been                 labs and other government agencies.
developed by DARPG for all Government
Ministries/Departments and has already been           • Prototype of controlled one-way gateway has
implemented in DDR&D. Recently a meeting
was organised by DARPG on 9th Nov 2017 with              been developed to address the requirement
randomly chosen grievances from CPGRAMS                  of data transfer to Intranet from other air-
portal of various Ministries/Departments as per          gapped networks.
the instructions of PMO. The status reproduced
as per the minutes issued by DARPG is as              • Intranet: ISG Ver. 2.2 deployed in 96 sites.
under:-                                               • A no. of software applications have been

                                                         developed/revamped and deployed over DRONA;
                                                         notable among there is ‘Cost Estimation
                                                         Module’ for project costing.

a) DRD&D is in receipt of lowest number of            • A training programme for Information Security
       grievances as on date in the MoD
                                                         Officers (ISO) of DRDO Labs was organised.

                   Table 6. Status of the C&AG Draft/Audit Paras related to DRDO

          Outstanding as on         Issues   Total                   Status                Outstanding
                15.12.2016          raised   [(iv) +                                           as on
                                    during                     Submitted
Category  Pending  Pending         the year    (v)]   Pending   to Audit     Submitted to   15.12.2017
            with     with                               with                  Monitoring
           Deptt.   Audit   Total              (vi)    Deptt.
(i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v)                               (vii)    (viii)             (ix)     (x)
Draft     3        0 3 11                             10 4                        NA 10*

Audit     6        3 94                               62                          5 8**

*Yet to be submitted to Audit
**Yet to be submitted to Monitoring Cell

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