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     The export potential of DRDO developed        India Expo 2017 recorded the highest number
systems has also increased. A number of countries  of visitors and also won Exhibitor of the Year
have shown interest in acquiring DRDO developed    Award during the 104th ISC held at Tirupati. It
systems such as radars, sonars, torpedoes, EW      also won the best Exhibitor award at the India
system, AEW&C system, bridging systems,            International Science Festival-2017 at Chennai.
missiles etc. The Indian industries have been
directly receiving export orders/request for       INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION
proposal (RFP) for DRDO developed products
from foreign countries. The NOCs for export             One of the objectives of DRDO is evolving
granted to industries by MoD reveals that          partnership with the best of defence technology
around 55% by value of the NOCs granted are        available worldwide. DRDO is pursuing active
for the products based on DRDO technologies.       International Cooperation on Defence Research,
                                                   Technology Acquisition and Consultancy, to
     Technology Development Fund (TDF) Scheme      enhance technological strength in key areas,
has been implemented and executed by DRDO          resolve issues related to export regulation
for providing funding to public and private        through signing of Instruments, exchange of
sector industry especially MSMEs. The focus        visits, etc. At the same time, new avenues are
will be on development of technologies that        being explored with friendly countries having
will form the kernel of components/ assemblies     technology edge and a strong industrial base.
which will in turn be used to develop defence
equipment/systems/sub-systems/platforms. More           In the year 2017, DRDO conducted regular
than 600 industries have been registered in the    Annual Bilateral Defence R&D meetings with
web-portal launched last year and in the first     USA, UK, Russia and Singapore. DRDO jointly
round, six projects are in advanced stages of      conducted a workshop on Medical and Chem
approval and award to the industries.              Bio Defence Technologies with the US DoD
                                                   in Jan/Feb 2017. Some strong possibilities for
     National and International Exhibitions:       cooperation leading to possible information
Directorate of Public Interface (DPI) organized    exchange and project agreements have been
DRDO’s participation in international exhibitions  identified during the workshop. Six project
outside the country, where it showcased state-     agreements with USA (under JTG) and one
of-the-art products and technologies. Notable      with Russia (under IRIGC) were signed by
international exhibitions included, NAVDEX-2017    DRDO. DRDO hosted foreign visits including
at Abu Dhabi, Mast Asia-2017 at Tokyo, Japan,      NDC delegations (Australia, USA, UK, Thailand,
and Seoul International Aerospace & Defence        Vietnam, Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia etc.) and
Exhibition (ADEX-2017) at Seoul, South Korea.      held Major Technology Show at Aero India during
It also participated in ~20 national exhibitions   the year 2017. DRDO participated as a part of
including, 104th Indian Science Congress (ISC-     Intra-Ministerial Working Group (IMWG) under
2017) at Tirupati, Vibrant Gujarat Global Trade    DGFT, Ministry of Commerce on matters relating
Show-2017 at Gandhinagar, Aero India-2017          to import/export of SCOMET items. DRDO also
at Bengaluru, 5th Bharatiya Vigyan Sammelan        participated at the MTCR (Ireland), Conventional
and Expo-2017 at Pune, Indian Technology           Weapons Session (Geneva), Australia Group
Congress-2017 at Bengaluru, Submarine Technology   (Paris). DRDO also participated in the Industry
Exhibition at DRDO Bhawan, India International     Outreach programs conducted in conjunction
Science Festival-2017 at Chennai, and India        with MEA and DGFT for harmonisation of
Manufacturing Show and Conference-2017 at          SCOMET list and Wassenar arrangement at
Bengaluru. The DRDO pavilion at Pride of           Delhi and Bengaluru.

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