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area of the board is to foster knowledge-        30 major private industries and over 800 Micro,
   based growth of armament discipline in           Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).
   the country, to catalyse the much needed
   cross-fertilisation of ideas and experiences          In the last 5 years DRDO’s development
   between DRDO and outside experts, to adopt       programmes have involved a number of other
   synergic approach towards national needs         Indian private sector firms viz. M/s Larsen &
   and priorities in the field of armaments,        Toubro, M/s Tata Power, M/s Bharat Forge, M/s
   and to lead the technological innovations        Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. etc to name a few.
   useful for combat multiplier. There are          The organisation has evolved methodologies
   currently 29 ongoing projects which have         to go hand-in-hand with private sectors and
   been sanctioned at a total cost of ` 12.27       mechanisms are constantly being worked out
   Cr. During the year, 9 projects were             for fruitful interaction with these partners.
   sanctioned at a total cost of ` 4.47 Cr.         DRDO is happy to join hands with more private
                                                    industries to build a vibrant Defence production
• Life Sciences Research Board: The thrust          and equipment manufacturing ecosystem in the
                                                    country. DRDO is always of the view that the
   areas of the board is life-support systems,      industry and the User should be a stakeholder
   devices and biomedical technologies for          in the development phase of the project so that
   operational effectiveness during air, land       investments and dynamism to reach a stated goal
   and sea combat roles, military psychology,       can be brought in. International collaboration has
   cognitive engineering and personnel              been initiated with complementary work-share.
   selection, human physiological adaptation to
   extreme environments, specialized food and            DRDO has promulgated ToT guidelines/
   agricultural technologies, radioprotection,      SOPs to provide transparent system for ToT to
   bio-defence. There are currently 32 ongoing      industries with an emphasis on level playing field
   projects which have been sanctioned at a         for DPSUs/OFs/PSUs and private industries. A
   total cost of ` 11.49 Cr. During the year,       user friendly portal has also been launched to
   18 projects were sanctioned at a total cost      facilitate ToT for Cat A (Military Technologies) and
   of ` 6.06 Cr.                                    Cat B (Spin-off/ Commercial use Technologies).
                                                    DRDO has also entered into MoUs with four
• Naval Research Board: The thrust areas for        leading industry chambers namely CII, PHDCC,
                                                    NRDC and ASSOCHAM. A competitive bidding
   the board is material panel, sonar and signal    process for finalisation of ToT licence fees
   behaviour panel, hydrodynamics panel, ocean      and selection of industry for ToT has been
   environment panel, scientific computing panel,   implemented. During the year, 108 Licensing
   marine system panel and hydro vibro-acoustics    Agreement for Transfer of Technology (LATOT)
   panel. There are currently 76 ongoing projects   were signed.
   which have been sanctioned at a total cost
   of ` 22.55Cr. During the year, 25 projects            To augment the capacity of OFs, ToT on
   were sanctioned at a total cost of ` 7.89 Cr.    explosives, propellants, mines, and warhead
                                                    technologies were transferred to private industries
INDUSTRY INTERFACE                                  for the first time. In this process, technologies
                                                    like Pinaka Mk-II rocket system, Pinaka Mk-I
     DRDO’s mandate has been focused on self-       rocket system, oleoresin based products, bi-
reliance and all systems/products/technologies      modular charge system, influence mine Adrushy
are in alignment with the Government’s ‘Make in     Mk-II, NIPUN munition, warhead explosives
India’ initiative. DRDO has always worked together  of Pinaka (PF & RHE warhead) and Akash
with OFBs and DPSUs to build products/systems       Booster propellant grains were transferred to
of Defence interest for the nation. Hence, ‘Make    M/s Economic Explosives Limited, Nagpur alone
in India’ is a DRDO practice since its inception.   in the year 2017 and a ToT fee of about ` 17.5
During the course of the projects undertaken        Cr was realized.
by DRDO it has built a strong industrial base
which today stands at a figure of nearly 1000
industries which include 30 OFBs, 40 DPSUs,

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