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     DRDO’s major achievements would not            Table 5. Portfolio of Systems Accepted for Induction/
have been possible unless and until, specialised    Inducted
knowledge base existed in DRDO which is
continuously working in cutting-edge technology                                    Cost (` in Cr)
domains. DRDO believes that it can achieve greater
heights by working in close synchronisation         Technology Cluster             Inducted   Under
with all its major partners. Accordingly, it has                                              Induction
developed, built, and upgraded its industrial
partner base. Today over 1000 industries            Missile Systems                23005.86 72480.38
are vital partners in DRDO’s development
programmes. This number covers the entire           Aeronautical Systems            1261.84   77801.67
spectrum, ranging from Defence PSUs and OFBs                                       12819.67   20682.09
to private industries, all of whom have played      Electronics and Radar Systems             19254.26
a crucial role in the development programs                                          8406.67
of DRDO.                                            Armament Systems                          11539.88
     In addition, DRDO collaborates with other      Combat Vehicles & Engg.                    1666.97
S&T organisations like Department of Space          Systems                         4637.18
(DoS), Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), and                                                  3957.15
Council of Scientific and Industrial Research       Advanced Materials and          1392.37      278.37
(CSIR) for common requirements and applications.    Composites                        329.18        2.61
DRDO is setting up specialised centres of                                             229.13
technology in select academic institutions of       Naval Systems
repute to work in specific areas like propulsion,
electromagnetic and robotic soldier. DRDO has       Life Sciences Systems
also selectively chosen its global partners and
has MoUs with over 30 countries worldwide           MED & Computational Systems
for joint collaborations in requisite areas with
complementary work share.                           Total                          57343.81 207663.38

SERVICES INTERACTIONS                               Grand Total                    2,65,007.19
                                                    (Inducted + Under Induction)
     During the year, AoN for production orders
was accorded for a no. of : Short Range Surface-         Annual Acquisition Plan (AAP) 2017-19
to-Air Missile (SRSAM) system; upgradation          of the Services has been analysed and shared
of BMP-2 to BMP-2M; procurements of BMP-II          with all the labs for taking up and accelerating
based Carrier Command Post Tracked (CCPT)           projects as per the User requirements.
vehicle for 155mm/52 Cal Tracked (SP) regiments,
HUMSA UG sonars for Indian Navy ships, Bund              DRDO has established mechanisms for regular
Blasting Device Mk-II, Mine Anti-Personnel Blast    interaction with the Services to boost up the
‘NIPUN’ NFM, four battery monitoring systems        induction of indigenously-developed systems and
for Shishumar class submarines and Software         increase self-reliance of the Armed Forces which
Defined Radio (SDR) for Naval communication at      is achieved through Annual Joint Reviews between
a total cost of Rs. 13,760.32 Cr. The production    Secretary DD R&D and Chief/Vice Chiefs of Staff
value of DRDO developed systems (inducted           of Air Force, Army and the Navy; Quarterly
and approved for induction) today stands over       Interaction Meetings (QIMs) with the line Dtes of
` 2.65 Lakh Cr. (Table 5)                           Army; Quarterly Progress Reviews (QPRs) with
                                                    Air Force; Annual Synergy Meetings (IN-DRDO)
                                                    with Navy and Biannual Reviews conducted at
                                                    the VCOAS/DCOAS level for the Army.

                                                    LOW INTENSITY CONFLICTS (LIC)

                                                         Directorate of Low Intensity Conflicts (LIC)
                                                    after sustained interaction with MHA issued
                                                    guidelines for fast tracking the procurement of
                                                    33 products found suitable in Phase-I of DRDO-
                                                    MHA collaboration. To take the collaboration

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