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Centre for Research in Emerging Sonar Technologies (CREST), Kochi

           ï‚· Sensor sub system: Completed the analysis of sensor systems working at 700 kH

• Ku-Band QTRM basedfeHwigshaPmopwleertrPahnassdeducSeursb have
cAornrafiyg(uHraPtSioAn):dMesaigthneamndafatdibceartialcislateutdedddieessw,igsinitmhhuatvlhaeteiboenehsne, lp of
completed  ï‚· Electronics for high frequency                                                                                                                     aco

           imaging system: Analysis and                                                                                                                  design

           electronic receiver system &                                                                                                                  analysis

           simulations for transmitter                                                                                                                   sub sy

           completed. The design for                                                                                        Preliminary acoustic images           protot

           the electronics subsystem is•onEgloeicntgronics for high frequency acoustic imaging
           ï‚· Acoustic imaging algorithms: Csoymstpemle:teAdnparelylismisinanrydedxpeesirgimnefnotsr ienlethcetrolanbicand obt

               the acoustic  images    of        varioutrsreaconebisvjmeecirttssteyrasttseuamb ls&oywsateneramlfyrcesoiqsmuaepnnldectsyei.dmT.uThlheasteieodneassriefgonrthe  first

High Power Phased Sub Array
           acoustic images made from anfionrdipgreontoutyspsinysgtetmheaeslseectmrobnlyicins

Centre for Research in Emerging Sonar                                                                              ongoing

Technologies (CREST), Kochi                      • Acoustic imaging algorithms: Completed preliminary
                                                                                                                   experiments in the lab and obtained the
• Sensor sub system: Completed the analysis of                                                                     acoustic images of various objects at a lower
                                                                                                                   frequency. These are the first ever acoustic
   sensor systems working at 700 kHz. A few                                                                        images made from an indigenous system
   sample transducers have been fabricated with                                                                    assembly in the country
   the help of NMRL

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