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• Generation of functional analysis documents

   for signal processor, tracker, beam scheduling,
   waveforms, target classifications for LR-MFR

• ADS-B receiver on Raspberry-Pi3 kit for radar

   performance evaluation realised

                                                                               Customizable light weight modular silor

                                                             Centre for Advanced Semiconductor
                                                             Technology (ASemiT), Delhi

                                                             • Prototype GaN HEMT devices have been


                                                             • Ku-band GaN power amplifier, low noise

                                                                amplifier and RF switch have been designed

             Experimental Radar Testbed (ERT) India’s First                                   GaN HEMT design
                         Adaptive Beamforming Radar
                                                             Centre for Advanced Avionics Technology
Centre for Soldier Assist System for Difficult               (CAAT), Hyderabad
Areas (CSASDA), Bengaluru
                                                             • Sodium Ion Battery (Pouch Prismatic): Hard
• Novel body fitting Jacket designed
• Process for reinforced Ultra High Molecular                   carbon anode and nano-structured silicate,
                                                                oxides & phosphate based cathode have
   Weight Poly Ethylene (UHMWPE) with                           been developed and characterized. ‘Prismatic
   carbonaceous material enhancing the impact                   electrodes’ for Na-ion completed
   attenuation properties of UHMWPE proven
   with experimentation                                      • Sodium Ion Battery (Coin Cell): HEG-hydrogen

• Bio fencing solution has been implemented and                 exfoliated graphene & MW-CNT multi-walled
                                                                carbon nano tubes based anode electrodes
   demonstrated and bio camouflaging solution                    have been developed and tested in coin cells
   has been completed
                                                             • Prismatic Mg Ion Battery: Joint development in
• Aerophonic based micro farming unit
                                                                collaboration with IICT, Hyderabad has been
   fabricated                                                   initiated. Magnesium ion pilot development
                                                                facility has been installed at IICT. High
• Design specification and PDR of the fabrication               performance ionic liquid based imidazolium
                                                                electrolyte for rechargeable Mg-Ion cells have
   and installation of light weight modular                     been developed
   customizable silo completed

• Air filtration mask having low drag, highest

   filtration efficiency of particulates is completed
   and ready for field trials

• The specification of the hydration pack, water

   filtration straw/cartridge and snow boots are

• The protocol and data collection for side

   biases has been completed

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