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To develop the understanding of explosion in         and visualisation at all command and control
tunnel and study of the phenomenon of blast          stations from respective detector nodes.
propagation inside and exit of the tunnel (b)
To develop state-of-the-art techniques used for      Safety Audit/Training
establishing underground explosive storage
safety standards (c) Formulation of Quantity         • Explosive Safety Audits/Advisory to MoD
Distances matrix for underground facility for
storage of ammunition up to 40 MT NEC.                  Establishments:
During the year, blast field trials on 1/15th
scale tunnel structure with conventional layout      • Army                         : 218
and with vertical shaft based layout has been
completed. Design and construction drawings          • Air Force                    : 06
1/10th & 1/5th scale tunnel structure with vertical
shaft have been prepared.                            • Navy                         : 04

Polymer Coatings for Mitigation of Blast             • OFB                          : 23
                                                     • DRDO                         :5
     The objective of the project is to develop
energy dissipating polyurea and polyurethanes,       • Safety Audit of MoD Establishments:
to be employed as a retrofit layer on existing          • DRDO: DRDL, RCI, DMRL, ASL, SFC, NSTL,
structures. The developed formulation should
exhibit tensile strength > 13 MPa and elongation              ACEM, ADE, PJ-10 Bothli and DIC Panagarh
> 100%. During the year, polyurea formulations
containing combination of different amines and       • OFB: OF Ba, OFI,CFA, OFV, OFDR, HEF,
MDI-based Isocyanate prepolymer along with
reactive diluent for isocyanate was sprayed.             AFK, OFK and OFC
The tack time for spray coated polyurea
formulations was determined and it was found         • PSU: BDL Kanchanbagh, BDL Bhanur
to be < 1min. Characterisation of developed          • DGQA: CQA (A), CQA (ME), CPE, CQA(AVA)
polyurea formulations for their mechanical and
thermal properties was performed.The change              and LPR
in the mechanical properties of polyurea as a
function time (days), starting from spraying         • Army: 3 Inf DOU:31Ap, 33AP, 34AP; 21FAD;
operation was studied and it was observed
that the properties increased and achieved               28 Amn Coy: 2802 AP Kichama and 31 FAD
an optimal after 15 days.
                                                     • Fire Safety Audits/Advisory of MoD
Chemical Warfare Agent Detection and
Warning System (CHEMWARN)                               Establishments

     The objective of the project is detection       Organisation  Fire Safety  Fire Safety  Court of   Total
and confirmation of any eventuality related to                        Audit/      Advice/     Inquiry
Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs) and Toxic                             Review/                  of Fire     34
Industrial Chemicals (TICs). During the year,                           Site    Consultancy  Accident/    62
Network development and its integration                                          Rendered    Incident     65
with Chemical Detectors has been completed.                        Inspection                             81
Dispersion Modelling studies were completed for                                                 00
different toxic chemicals for various scenarios.     DRDO          20 14                        01        15
CHEMWARN software has been developed                                                            00
for real-time data acquisition, transmission         Army          02 59                        00       257

                                                     Air Force     04           61              01

                                                     Navy          02 79                        02

                                                     DGQA/         03 11

                                                     TOTAL         31 224

                                                     • Fire Safety training to officers and personnel

                                                        of MoD Establishments

                                                        • Regular Courses (4 nos.) for 121 personnel
                                                        • Short-term Courses (1 no.) for 62 personnel

                                                     Project ARNAV-UT (Naval Wargame)

                                                          ISSA is currently executing Project ARNAV-
                                                     UT with the objective of conducting user-assisted
                                                     technical trials of the ARNAV software, which

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