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carried out. These Radomes will also be used in         (GSQR 1438) using different state-of-art ballistic
QRSAM, Pralay, RudraM-II & NGARM missiles               materials providing protection against 9mm SMC
in future.                                              ammunitions, AK47 (MSC and HSC), 7.62 SLR.
                                                        During the year, the technological solution so
Naval Materials                                         developed has been transferred to M/s MKU
                                                        Ltd., Kanpur. Approx. 5 more licenses are under
     To cater to the needs of the Indian Navy,          process to be given to other Indian industries.
DRDO has successfully developed the technology
for indigenous production of naval steels using
the infrastructure existing in the country. During
the year, trial production of most of the products
of AB3 grade naval steel has been completed
barring thick plates of dimension 61 mm-100 mm.
About 60% of material required for complete
certification has been produced. Certification of
DMR 249BK steel bulb bars is in advanced stage.

                      DMR-249 Steel Plates & Bulb Bars                                   Bullet Proof Jacket

High Nitrogen Steel for Armour Application              Ballistic Helmet
                                                             The design of the helmet has been finalised
     A ToT on ‘High Nitrogen Steel for Armour
Application’ has been signed with Jindal Stainless      and fabrication of contract order has been placed
Limited in the presence of Hon’ble Raksha Rajya         to the industry.
Mantri on 15th May 2017. Another eight ToTs
are under process.                                                         Ballistic Helmet (inner and outer view)
Bullet Proof Jacket (BPJ)

     DRDO has successfully designed BPJ in
all three sizes as per Indian Army Guidelines

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