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of FF AUV was completed in Sep 2017 and              PCM-Based Thermal Management
FFAUV trials were completed in Oct 2017.             Technologies for High Energy Laser
Technologies for Integration of Propulsion           Application
System for Design and Construction of
Warship for Indian Navy                                   PCM material suitable for thermal management
                                                     of high energy laser application developed
     During the year, Reports for re-engining of     in the melting range of 50C - 150C, and its
INS Makar is completed. Preliminary study of         composites with exfoliated graphite prepared
PSI for Next Generation Destroyer (NGD) is           with enhanced thermal conductivity (7-11W/
submitted to DEM, IHQ (MoD).                         mK). Design of Prototype PCM-based thermal
Combat Target for Varunastra Torpedo                 management system has been completed and
                                                     case has been initiated for development of
     Last year, heavy weight ship launched anti-     graphite foam SS panels.
submarine torpedo ‘Varunastra’ was handed over
to the Indian Navy by Hon’ble RM and Varunastra      Radiation Contamination Monitoring System
production was also cleared in DAC. During           (RCMS) for Indian Navy
the year, design for development, manufacture
and supply of underwater target structure has             Prototypes of 11 different types of radiation-
been completed.                                      contamination monitoring systems for monitoring
MATERIALS                                            food, water, cloth, personnel and air have been
Chaff Cartridges for Defence Application             developed. PDR has been completed. Development
                                                     contract for fabrication of prototypes of all
     Chaff is one of the most widely used and        four types of monitoring systems viz. portal
effective expendable electronic countermeasure       monitoring system, hand foot monitoring system,
devices. The project aims at indigenous development  laundry monitoring system and floor monitoring
of chaff cartridges to bridge technology gap in      system has been awarded. Detailed design review
the field of chaff cartridges development.           completed. Concurrently, fabrication of plastic
                                                     scintillator rods and sheets has been carried
                                   Chaff Cartridges  out at Central Institute of Plastics Engineering
                                                     and Technology (CIPET) Ahmedabad ,through
     An indigenous process of preparing very         a development contract.
fine aluminum fibers has been developed and a
small capacity pilot plant has been established.     CBRN Water Purification System Mk-II
During the year, four phases of trials of Chaff
cartridges were carried out in collaboration              In-house R&D has been carried out for
with IAF and CEMILAC.                                finalisation of various stages of water-purification
                                                     system. Specification of the main system has
                                                     been worked out and procurement case is under
                                                     progress for placement of order for development
                                                     contract on an industry. Detailed specifications
                                                     and ATP have been vetted by an expert committee.

                                                     Fused Silica Radar-dome (RADOME) for
                                                     ‘Astra’ missile

                                                          Radar-dome (Radome) is a critical component
                                                     of target seeking missile as it protects the
                                                     navigation system from adverse environment.
                                                     Fused silica (SiO2) is one of the ceramic materials
                                                     preferred for fabrication of radar domes. During
                                                     the year, successful flight trials of indigenous
                                                     fused silica Radome for Astra missiles were

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