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Prototype and trial scenerio of PDDS  (a) Identification of two development partners
                                                          (KELTRON/BDL) through the RFP process
Airborne Sonar for Coastal Security (ASCS)                preceded by Expression of Interest Parallel
                                                          development of sonobuoy electronics through
     DRDO is involved in the development of               two independent sub vendors for technology
a qualified Low Frequency Dunking Sonar                   comparison (b) Completed the study of the
(LFDS), an airborne sonar system for the ALH              reference sonobuoy (c) Participation in the
Mk-III helicopters being acquired by the Navy.            ASW sortie in the P8I platform for the entire
The system installed on helicopter platform               project team (d) Development of indigenous
would provide Airborne ASW capability for                 DIFAR sensor based on accelerometer (e)
Naval operational scenarios. Three nos. of                Development of SDR-based multi channel
LFDS system will be delivered by the LSI/                 VHF receiver.
production agency, of which the 1st system will           Advanced Light Weight Torpedo (ALWT)
be utilised for qualification, 2nd system will
be earmarked for integration with Integrated                   ALWT is an anti-submarine torpedo launched
Architecture Display System (IADS), ALH                   from ship, helicopter or fixed wing aircraft.
installation, AFSC checks and exploitation                ALWT has dual speed capability and endurance
at HAL and the 3rd system would be kept                   of 25 km at low speed (25 knots) and 12 km
available as a standby for exigencies during              at high speed (50 knots). Technical trial was
installation and trials at HAL. During the year,          conducted in Jan 2017 wherein smooth diving
new cabin layout for platform and Interface               of torpedo was established. During Jul 2017,
Control Document (ICD) has been completed.                acceptance tests of 105 kW BLDC motors with
Installation (Mechanical) document is also                was completed. Two nos. of motors have been
completed. Documents required for certification           tested and cleared by User for ALWT trials.
handed over to RCMA.
                                                                                 Advanced Light Weight Torpedo
Directing Gear for Hullmounted Sonar Array
                                                          Engineering Application of Stealth
     Directing Gear designed to operate transducer        Technologies (EAST)
arrays weighing up to 4.5 ton, easily adaptable
to Indian and foreign ships, and which can be                  During the year, refinements of HTS motor and
directly integrated to the sonar control was              testing were carried out. Notable improvements of
handed over to the Indian Navy on 24th March              cryocooling up to 50 Kelvin have been achieved.
2017. Indian Navy has installed the first system          Extremely Low Frequency Emissions (ELFE)
onboard P16 A class of ship. Till date, Indian            measurements of nominated Indian Naval ships
Navy has placed orders for 9 more systems for             have been completed.
various classes of ships including P15, P15B              Flat Fish Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
and P16A, at a total cost of ` 108 Cr.                    (FF AUV) Upgrades and Trials

Directional Sonobuoy                                           During the year, integration and assembly

     This project aims to develop a passive
directional sonobuoy and transceiver cum
processing system for detecting submarines.
Notable achievements made during the year are:

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