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    to-air; short range quick reaction surface-          missiles
    to-air; anti-tank; land, air, surface and sub-
    surface launched against ships and land         • Multi sensor data fusion for optimum
    targets in supersonic cruise mode                    tracking information for decision making

• Technologies developed in liquid/                 • Artificial intelligence based (real time)
                                                         decision making system for range safety
    solid/ramjet propulsions, supersonic                 application

    combustors, aerodynamic/aero thermal            2.6.4 Research Centre Imarat (RCI)

    design and testing of aerospace structures,         RCI Hyderabad is an ‘Avionics Hub’ for
                                                    all missile and other airborne systems and
    precision aerospace manufacturing,              is responsible for design, development and
                                                    production of missile avionics. Telemetry,
    computational      fluid  dynamics,              tele-command and transponder systems are
                                                    also important on-board systems required to
    communication for mission networking            evaluate missile performance during its initial
                                                    development phase. All avionics systems for
• Guided weapon system modeling and                 IGMDP programme i.e., Prithvi, Akash and
     simulation                                     Nag are in production after ToT. Similarly
                                                    avionics systems for Agni (A1, A2, A3 and A4)
• System integration and checkout                   and BrahMos are also in production. RCI has
                                                    established a centre of excellence in the field of
• Hypersonic research                               semiconductor based millimeter wave devices
                                                    (CMSDS) at Calcutta and established the open
• Down-range                 instrumentation        range facility for full scale RCS and antenna
                                                    measurements (ORANGE) at Dundigal.
    including airborne telemetry systems,

    instrumentation for ship-launched


2.6.3 Integrated Test Range (ITR)                   Core Competencies/Thrust Areas

    ITR Chandipur provides flight test               • Design and development of: medium
facilities and range Instrumentation for short           range surface-to-air missiles, air defence
and medium range missile system, to provide              systems, air-to-surface missiles, air
data for post flight analysis within 30 minutes           launched smart bombs, air launched anti-
of completing a mission. It has supported 200            ship missiles.
major missions of Agni, Prithvi, Trishul, Akash,
Nag, Astra, BrahMos, Air Defence Program,
Nirbhay, and 1000 minor missions like PTA,
Pinaka and miscellaneous trials of forward
throw bomb drop trial and dummy warhead
trials etc.

                                                    • Design,  development          and

Core Competencies/Thrust Areas                      productionisation of: imaging infra

• World class test range for test and               red (IIR) seekers, RF seekers, inertial
     evaluation of rockets, missiles and weapon
     systems                                        navigation & satellite systems, fiber

• Wideband and high gain telemetry                  optic gyro (FOG), ring laser gyro (RLG)
     acquisition and processing for long range
                                                    sensors & accelerometers, on-board

                                                    computers, real-time mission software,


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