Page 94 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
P. 94


Side Channel Attacks on Security Product     Design and analysis of Public Key Cryptographic
(VIKIRAN)                                    Schemes (SANKHYA)

    Design and development of tools for          Modules developed for elliptic curve
implementation of side channel attacks       discrete log problem using Pollard-Rho
(power, differential power and EM) on crypto  method. Modules developed for polynomial
algorithms with counter measures (AES and    selection, sieving, solving linear equation for
DES).                                        DLP using Function Field Sieve (FFS). Public
                                             key crypto scheme developed based on special
Analysis of VoIP Signals over Satellite      metrices, polynomial rings, elliptic curve &
(SAMVAAD)                                    integer based homomorphic encryption.

    Analysis of VoIP traffic received through  AAKALAN: IT Product Security Assurance
frame relay and pcap files for webpage        Framework and Evaluation (ISAFE)
                                                 Criteria and procedures for Security
                                             Testing of software identified. Draft framework
                                             for Testing and Identification prepared and
                                             submitted for approval.

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