Page 93 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
P. 93

Wire bonded Sensor die               Pressure Transducer for  Pressure Transducer for
  Pressure transducers                280 bar (sealed gauge)    330 bar (open gauge)

Intra Cranial Pressure (ICP) Sensor              Multi Agent Robotics System (MARS)

    ICP sensor has been developed for                An autonomous search robot, integrating
NIMHANS to measure fluid pressure                 artificial intelligence algorithms for
variations inside human brain from -50 mm        autonomous exploration, mapping and target/
to +100 mm Hg. The sensor and the packing        object detection, has been developed and
have been developed, prototypes tested and       demonstrated using COTS robotic platform.
the satisfactory results have been observed.     Base designs of three new robotic platforms
Development of interposer for packaging, signal  (Robot Sentry, miniUGV and Ballbot) have
conditioning electronics and display system are  been completed. Initial implementation has
notable achievements for this project.           been completed for multi-agent robotics
                                                 framework (MARF), multi-robot exploration,
Production Orders                                localization and mapping (SLAM), and object,
                                                 human, stair and road detection.
    • MPM for troop level radar (9 nos.)
    • S-band CC TWT (1 no.)
                                                     PoCs developed and demonstrated
COMPUTATIONAL SYSTEMS                            to users covering Information Extraction
                                                 & Retrieval, Ontolology Management &
Development of Security Technologies to          Semantic Querying, Social Network Analysis
support tactical Communication System            and Knowledge Visualization.

    PDR have been conducted. Definition           RUPAK
elaboration and Security metric (desirable
and essential) for 22 different security              A rapid prototyping facility (RUpan
mechanisms worked out. Detailed design           PrAtirupan Kendra - RUPAK) comprising
of 10 new identified security mechanisms          machines capable of additive as well
worked out. Realization of framework for         as subtractive manufacturing has been
Immutable boot, Secure boot and Secure load      established. The facility consists of fused
completed on generic platform. IR Sensors        deposition modelling (FDM) 3D printer,
(two different types tested and integrated        polyjet 3D printer, selective laser sintering
with PIC microcontroller) and Accelerometer      (SLS) 3D printer and computer controlled
(3-dimensional TAP detection and integrated      vertical machining centre. The materials
with PIC microcontroller) under testing for      used are ABS plastic, photopolymer resin,
temper detection.                                aluminum, stainless steel and titanium.

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