Page 92 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
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nano-composites (using three types of nano-          association with GAETEC for unit process
inclusions) were prepared and characterized.         implementation/improvements and HEMT
Micro-structural characterization, density and       material characterization/evaluation.
thermoelectric power factor measurements
of the nano-composites at low temperatures           Repair of IDDCA Modules in Hand Held Thermal
(150-350K) were carried out. P-type nano-            Imagers (HHTI) (for Indian Army)
composite showing thermoelectric power
factor comparable to bulk alloys in the low              Indian Army is using IDDCA modules in
temperature.                                         HHTIs and various thermal sights for strategic
                                                     night vision applications. Many of these
Enabling Technologies for SWIR FPA                   modules use cryo-coolers of the configuration,
                                                     which SSPL is currently developing. BEL,
    Optimization of p-i-n photodiode detector layer  Machilipatnam is the production agency
structure: Modeling and three dimensional            for HHTIs and it had conveyed that a large
numerical simulations were carried out for           number of these modules were rendered
optimization of the layer design in device           unusable due to the failure of cryo-cooler.
simulator ATLAS of SILVACO INC.                      The repair of these HHTIs from the OEM is
                                                     costly and time consuming. The SSPL has
    Process flow and detector fabrication: The        successfully repaired two dozens of these
process flow design for fabrication of detector       modules to perfect working condition and
array in 640×512 format with 25 µm pitch             a few are in progress. In addition, SSPL has
has been done. Corresponding mask set with           been training BEL personnel in the field for
various test structures to analyze/characterize      first line maintenance and has been providing
the fabrication process at each step has been        consultancy to BEL for setting up the test
fabricated in house. Metal contact formation to      facility at their premises.
n-InP and p- InP has been optimized and rc ~
10-7 Ω.cm2 achieved.                                 MEMS Pressure Transducers

    ROIC procurement and peripheral test                 STARC is developing MEMS pressure
electronics design: Preliminary design of            transducers of 280 bar and 330 bar as per the
640×512 SWIR InGaAs Focal Plane Array                specification provided by ADA for LCA Tejas.
(FPA) proximity electronics and the system           PDR has been completed and documentation
level requirements for the camera (FPA and           for CEMILAC Certification has been
proximity electronics) have been established.        completed. The engineering models were
                                                     successfully fabricated and demonstrated to
    Packaging: Initial design of HTCC                ADA.
based packaging scheme and integrated
thermoelectric cooler design has been worked         Development of MEMS Temperature Sensor
out.                                                 for ADA

AlGaN/GaN HEMT technology development                    A Platinum (Pt) thin film based temperature
                                                     sensor has been designed. The PDR has been
    Under GaN technology implementation,             completed. The prototypes were successfully
20 nos. (12 home grown and 08 imported)              fabricated and demonstrated to ADA. Lift off
of HEMT structures on 3-inch SiC substrate           technique for processing temperature sensor
have been processed by SSPL scientists in            die was developed successfully for achieving
                                                     precise sensor geometry.

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