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300 W C-X-Ku Band Helix TWT                    structure and collector is completed and a
    A short-length beam stick has been         beam stick tube made to prove the electron
                                               beam optics. The beam stick tube has shown a
developed with a collector made with Beryllia  beam transmission of 60%
ceramics for independent verification of the
thermal management in the collector. The       X-band Pulsed Helix TWT for Radar Application
beam-stick provided beam current of 432
mA at the cathode voltage of 10 kV (with the       The X-band Pulsed Helix TWT is being
BFE kept at the cathode voltage) and beam      developed for replacing imported TWTs used
transmission of 99%.                           in Precision Approach Radar PAR2080C by
100W C-X-Ku Band MPM for EW POD                IAF. This TWT is being indigenized jointly with
                                               M/s Bharat Electronics. Engineering design
    Two MPMs have been developed with          of components and sub-assemblies of the
indigenous micro-TWT, SSPA and tested          electron gun, focusing structure and collector
for RF and DC performance both in pulsed       completed and a beam stick tube made to
and CW conditions. One micro-TWT was           prove the electron beam optics. The beam stick
environmentally qualified. Lab level ATP        tube has shown a beam transmission of 60%.

                 C-X-Ku-band MPM               Ku-Band TWTA for Aerospace Application

(internal) completed. Order placed on M/s          This project has been taken up to establish
BEL for producing and qualifying 10 nos. of    the technologies for space-grade TWT and
deliverable MPMs (to DLRL).                    MPM. Design of the TWT is under finalization
High Power mm-wave Gyrotron                    and an intermediate TWT with a single-stage
                                               collector has been developed jointly with BEL.
    Electronic design of Gyrotron sub-systems  Several critical components for the TWT and
completed. Mechanical design of sub-systems    circuits for the EPC have been developed and
completed and the physical conceptualization   tested independently
of entire device made in solid model. Piece-
Parts drawings have been prepared.             Upgradation of MMIC Facility
mm-wave CCTWT for Radar applications
                                                   The MMIC technologies based on
    Engineering design of components and       different nodes (pHEMT based) are under
sub-assemblies of the electron gun, focusing   upgradation. Necessary process equipment
                                               have been installed and commissioned. Five
                                               demonstrator MMICs have been designed and

                                               Bismuth Telluride Alloy based Nanocomposites
                                               for Thermo-electric Cooling Applications

                                                   Synthesis and preparation of nano-
                                               sized powder of optimized p-type and
                                               n-type Bismuth Telluride alloys carried out
                                               including optimization of ball mill conditions
                                               to achieve the desired range of nano-particle
                                               sizes of 30 nm to 150 nm). p-type and n-type

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