Page 90 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
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sensitive applications. ANURAG Hardened        ANURAG Edge Router
Linux delivered to SPIC. 
                                                   ANURAG has completed development of
AMBAR                                          edge router having throughput of 80 Gbps.
                                               The edge router with DRDO security solution
    Satellite Digital Multimedia Broadcast     will be available for testing in live networks
(SDMB) receiver terminal has been realized     in Sep 2017. This router is targeted for secure
and tested with GSAT-6 Satellite. Transmitter  networking infrastructure for Services.
IF card has been developed with CDOT.
Repeater hardware and dual receiver
hardware has been developed. Hybrid
receiver algorithm with TDM & OFDM code
combing scheme has been developed. AMBAR
ruggedized tablets has been developed.
AMBAR application is developed on Android
platform. 4 patch Antenna with 11.5 dB gain

        AMBAR SDMB Receiver Terminal                          ANURAG Edge Router

was developed. AMBAR ruggedized terminal       G Band CCTWT for Weapon Locating Radar
is under development.
                                                   Prototype tube made and giving output
                                               power > 60 kW, over a band of 5.4-5.81 GHz,
                                               which is acceptable to LRDE for their radar

                                   Packaged prototype of the G-band CCTWT
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