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     The Annual Report of a Department is a mirror through which its achievements and accomplishments
are reflected. In the case of DRDO, this document assumes more importance as DRDO is the nerve centre
of creativity, innovation and excellence dedicated to the service of our Armed Forces.

     In 2016, DRDO delivered as well as initiated another strong portfolio of products and projects. About
42 projects were successfully completed and 78 projects were newly initiated during the year. Our budget
was Rs. 13,593.78 Cr for the year. We achieved significant advancements in most ongoing projects that will
fuel our success in the next few years.

     This annual report covers the positive outlook and significant achievements by this organisation from
each of its strongly performing laboratories clustered into seven technological domains - Aeronautical
Systems, Armaments & Combat Engineering Systems, Electronics & Communication Systems, Life Sciences,
Micro Electronic Devices & Computational Systems, Missiles & Strategic Systems and Naval Systems &
Materials. These are presented in subsequent chapters together with details of stakeholder interactions
and corporate initiatives.

     This report has been put together by the team from the Directorate of Planning & Coordination headed
by Ms. Nabanita R. Krishnan and with Sh. Kamlesh Kumar, Dr. Abhishek Yadav and Sh. Mukesh. The team
was ably supported in turn by Director PM of DG clusters and concerned lab coordinators. Their efforts are
duly acknowledged together with that of DESIDOC towards printing & publishing of this report.

                                                                                                                    Dr. Zakwan Ahmed
                                                                                                              Outstanding Scientist &
                                                                                                        Chief Controller R&D (R&M)

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