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• System software development for custom         material development using molecular beam
     made processors                             epitaxy (MBE), metal oxide chemical vapour
                                                 deposition (MOCVD), liquid phase epitaxy
2.5.2 Microwave Tube Research                    (LPE) and ion-implantation. The laboratory is
and Development Centre                           developing device technologies viz. gallium
(MTRDC)                                          arsenide based monolithic microwave
                                                 integrated circuits (GaAs MMICs) and gallium
    MTRDC Bengaluru has focus on R&D             nitride based monolithic microwave integrated
in technologies relating to the development      circuits (GaN MMICs); silicon micro electro
of advanced microwave tubes and related          mechanical systems (MEMS), bolometer and
systems. The centre is developing advanced       mercury cadmium telluride (MCT) infra-red
travelling wave tubes (TWT) for applications     detection, surface acoustic wave (SAW), high
in electronic warfare (EW) and radars. The       power laser diode and nanotechnology.
centre is also developing multi beam klystrons
(MBK)/multi Beam TWTs and microwave              Core Competencies/Thrust Areas
power modules (MPM) and MPM/MBK based
transmitters for compact strategic systems.      • Design and development of GaAs and
The centre is also working on high power              GaN based microwave devices and
microwave sources, mm wave gyro devices               circuits, IR-devices, surface acoustic
and cathodes.                                         wave (SAW) devices and sensors, MEMS
                                                      components, materials development and
Core Competencies/Thrust Areas                        characterization.

• Design and development of microwave            • Structural, composition and impurity
     tubes for EW, communication and radar            characterization of semiconductors.
                                                 • Facilities for growth of bulk single crystals
• Design and development of high power                for the germanium and CZT for IR
     coupled cavity TWTs for radar applications       applications, growth of device structures.

• Broadband pulsed and CW helix TWTs for         • Design and modeling, ion implantation
     EW applications.                                 system, and electron beam micro
                                                      lithography set ups.
• Design and development of electronic
     power conditioners, microwave power         2.5.4 Semiconductor Technology &
     modules and transmitters                    Applied Research Centre (STARC)

• New generation devices like multi-beam             STARC, Bengaluru is engaged in
     klystron and relativistic magnetron         development and production of MEMS devices
                                                 and microsystems for defence, aerospace,
• High-power microwave generation and its        medical and other applications. The technology
     ISM applications                            for making MEMS pressure transducers,
                                                 temperature sensor, accelerometers and
2.5.3 Solid State Physics Laboratory             RF MEMS switches has been developed
(SSPL)                                           successfully.

    SSPL Delhi has focus on development
of solid state materials and semiconductor
devices with primary sub-systems and
technologies including crystal growth,

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