Page 83 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
P. 83

oxygenated shelters. The shelter will be heated    Bio-diesel as emergency fuel
by solar energy and also store the excess energy
in the phase change material for use during            During International Fleet Review (IFR)
evening hours. The shelter or in part can be       2016 during Feb 2016 organized by Indian
oxygenated depending upon the requirement.         Navy at Visakhapatnam the Fast Interceptor
It meant for 50 persons and has been installed     Crafts (FIC), T-307 and T-311, which were
at Giagong (North Sikkim) at an altitude of        the part of the Presidential Column were run
around 16,000 ft.                                  on B20 blend of Jatropha derived bio diesel
                                                   developed by DIBER.
Space heating device (Bukhari) (sheds)
                                                   Drug development
      A new shed has been developed by
DIPAS which gives both radiative as well as            Fourteen NBC protective drugs have
convective type heating. Most of the heat is       been developed by INMAS under the NBC
extracted because of its energy efficient design.    Programme Phase I. These drugs are cleared
It is efficient in terms of kerosene consumption     by DGCI for CBRN emergency. Subsequently
and heat generation. The CO build up in            DGAFMS clearance has been obtained for their
the room is almost zero as all the gases are       induction. Monoisoamyldimercaptosuccinic
exhausted to outside. It is totally safe as there  acid (MiADMSA) is developed by DRDE
are no chances of blast by the back draft of air.  and is under trial as a potential treatment for
The burner simply extinguishes and does not        chronic arsenic poisoning. The drug has been
reignite itself. The burner alone can also be      approved by the DCGI as an ‘Investigational
used for cooking or warming of food. Apart         New Drug’.
from Army, BSF has also shown interest in the
Bukhari and has taken up procurement of 2000       Meat & Milk Testing Kits
                                                       DFRL has developed meat testing kit for
                                                   detection of toxins and milk testing kit for
                                                   detection of adulterated milk through which
                                                   ToT fee of one crore has been received. In
                                                   addition new food items developed by DFRL
                                                   have been provided to DGST for trial at three
                                                   different commands.

Bukhari                                                                Meat & Milk Testing Kits

                                                   Snake Repellent
                                                       DRL has developed snake repellent

                                                   and high SPF cream and has been accepted

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