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                                                                  different depths of sea. Automatic demand
                                                                  valve supplies mixture of gases into the bag
                                                                  on demand. PRSV releases the excess pressure
                                                                  from the bag. Regenerative canister generates

    Flame retardant
       Anti G Suit

black out threshold levels by +1G to 1.5G                       Submarine Escape Set
during flying in high performance aircraft.      oxygen from the exhaled CO2. The item has
Production orders for quantity 153 numbers      been accepted by user for introduction into the
have been placed by IAF.                        Service.
                                                50 men Solar Heated Oxygen Enriched Shelter
Submarine Escape Set
                                                    Solar heated Oxygen enriched shelter
    Submarine Escape Set (Breathing Set) is     has been developed by DIPAS combining
developed by DEBEL which is used to rescue      the technologies of both solar shelter and
the sunken submarine inmates. This set is
closed loop breath in equipment which can                     Solar Heated Oxygen
support the breathing requirements of escapee                    Enriched Shelter
for duration of 2.5 hours. SES consists of
two important sub systems namely, i) hydro
suit and ii) breathing apparatus. Breathing
apparatus caters for the breathing needs of
the wearer with changing gas compositions
as per the corresponding depths. Breathing
apparatus consists of oxygen cylinder reducer,
trimix cylinder, demand valve, pressure
release safety valve (PRSV) and canister. The
oxygen cylinder is charged to 180 to 200 bar
and the reducer with feeder supplies different
flows of oxygen into the breathing bag for

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