Page 81 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
P. 81

(ACADA) and Chemical Agent Monitor                Telemedicine System
(CAM) were developed by DRDE, Gwalior in
partnership with M/s L&T Bangalore. These             Telemedicine system has been successfully
devices are based on ion mobility spectrometry    developed by DEBEL for far-flung/land
(IMS) and are capable of detecting chemical       locked areas. The system has been accepted
agents such as nerve, blister, blood and choking  by Indian Navy for installation across Naval
                                                  platforms and DAC has granted clearance for

Chemical Agent Detectors

agents. These devices have been externally                        Telemedicine System
tested as per the JSQR and their User trial is
awaited.                                          its implementation. Army is in the process of
NBC First Aid Kit Mk-II (Type A & Type B)         trials under the aegis of HQ IDS (Med) and
                                                  induction is likely to begin after successful
    NBC First Aid Kit Mk-II Type A & Type         trials.
B has been developed by DRDE for medical
management of causalities of NBC warfare          Flame retardant Anti G Suit
and has cleared user trial. Joint Services
specification is under finalization and                 The Anti G Suit developed by DEBEL is
procurement is likely to follow.                  flame retardant in nature and the bladder
                                                  is made up of thermoplastic poly urethane
                            NBC First Aid Kit     coated nylon fabric which is Radio Frequency
                                                  (RF) weldable and hence easy and quick to
                                                  fabricate. It is a counter pressure garment
                                                  worn over the abdominal and lower limb
                                                  portions of the body by the fighter pilot to
                                                  avoid the ill effects of accelerative forces
                                                  affecting the pilot during combat maneuvers
                                                  thus enhancing his tolerance to +Gz. FRAGS
                                                  Mk-VI (PU) has been designed and developed
                                                  to raise pilots’ parafoveal vision, grey out,

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