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     Eastern (NE) India for vector borne         • Development of strategies for
     diseases and other ailments                      neurocognitive and endocrine functional
                                                      assessment in health and disease
• Studies on biodegradation of human
     waste                                       Significant Achievements
                                                 during the year 2016
2.4.9 Institute of Nuclear Medicine
and Allied Sciences (INMAS)                      NBC individual Protective Equipments
                                                     The improved NBC IPE comprising of
    INMAS Delhi is engaged in R&D
activities in the field of radiation and imaging  NBC Suit Mk-V, NBC Mask Mk-II, Integrated
sciences. Some of the products developed/        Hood Mask-Mk-II, NBC Over boot Mk-
under developments are: single vial cold kit     II, NBC Gloves Mk-II, Haversack Mk-II,
(Diagnomamo), vasodilator ointments for          Personnel Decontamination Kit Mk-II &
cold injury, inhalation therapy for alveolar     Decontamination Suit Mk-II were developed.
deposition (ITAD) in cases of high altitude
pulmonary edema and acute mountain                           NBC Protective Equipment
sickness, gastric prokinator drugs for instant   Development was done by DRDE & DEBEL in
action, RF coil for breast imaging, motorized    association with private industries. Army has
wheelchair, herbal radioprotectors against       already placed a supply order for 50,000 nos.
ionizing and non-ionizing radiation and NBC      of NBC Suit MK-V. Respirator Mask MK –II
antidote formulations. A major development       has successfully cleared user trial and RFP for
in the recent past has been the establishment    45,000 Masks in under finalisation.
of NMR, PET-Cyclotron facility that has made     Chemical Agent Detectors
significant contributions in drug development
besides providing clinical support to the            Chemical Agent Detectors in the form of
Armed forces, DRDO fraternity and society        Automatic Chemical Agent Detector & Alarm
at large. The institute also pursues a strong
research program with application in various
stress related disorders using NMR techniques
including metabolomics, in vivo spectroscopy
and functional MRI (fMRI).

Core Competencies/Thrust Areas

• Development of approaches for
     radioprotection and therapy

• Development of devices, technologies,
     strategies and approaches for mitigation
     of NBC/CBRN emergencies.

• Development of molecular imaging drugs
     and enhancers (DMIDE) and applications
     for Armed Forces.

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