Page 79 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
P. 79

training, man-machine interaction and            (ACADA), hand held flame photometric
human resources management for optimizing        detection (FPD) based chemical detector, NBC
efficiency and well-being of Service personnel.    individual protective equipment (IPE) Mk-V,
                                                 First Aid Kit Type A Mk-I, First Aid Kit (FAK)
Core Competencies/Thrust Areas                   Type B Mk-II, personal decontamination kit
                                                 (PDK) Mk-II, etc.
• Personnel selection research involving
     development of personality, intelligence    Core Competencies/Thrust Areas
     and aptitude test
                                                 • Detection and decontamination of
• Specialized intensive training in                   chemical and biological warfare agents
     personality assessment of candidates
     through various psychological techniques    • Physical, chemical and medical protection
                                                      against chemicals and pathogenic
• Organizational behavior of the Armed                microorganisms
                                                 • Safety evaluation of hazardous chemicals,
• Research on human factors in man-                   referred compounds and microorganisms
     machine systems and to study the effects of
     extreme hostile environmental conditions    • Control of vectors and protection of men
     on the psychological adjustment, efficiency        and materials from insects and allied
     and well-being of the troops                     species

• Experimental psychology and network            2.4.8 Defence Research Laboratory
     based cognitive and psychomotor             (DRL)
     assessment system
                                                     DRL Tezpur has been intensively engaged
2.4.7 Defence Research and                       in carrying out concerted R&D efforts to
Development Establishment                        evolve sustainable technologies for health and
(DRDE)                                           hygiene of north eastern region. The laboratory
                                                 has focused its research and development
    DRDE Gwalior has been mandated               studies on control of malaria, quality of
to work on the detection, protection and         drinking water and plant materials for human
decontamination of chemical and biological       and animal causes.
warfare agent. Today, DRDE has evolved
as a centre of excellence in ‘NBC Defence        Core Competencies/Thrust Areas
Technologies’. DRDE has successfully
completed its first NBC Programme on Defence      • Studies on entomological aspects and
Technologies in 2015, with the involvement            development of their control measures
of nine other labs from five cluster groups
of DRDO. Some of the notable technologies        • Water quality testing and surveillance
developed and delivered under this programme
include ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) based    • Integrated control measures for weeds
sensors viz., chemical agent monitor (CAM) &          and pests
automatic chemical agent detector and alarm
                                                 • Utilization of bio-diversity of North

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