Page 77 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
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    Life Sciences cluster of DRDO, headed by      2.4.1 Defence Bio-engineering and
Dr. Shashi Bala Singh, Distinguished Scientist,   Electromedical Laboratory (DEBEL)
is addressing the multifarious requirements of
the personnel behind the war machines ranging         DEBEL Bengaluru has been entrusted to
from development of equipment for chemical        carry out design, development and evaluation
and biological defence, life support systems for  of state-of-the-art life support and biomedical
land based, aerial and underwater platforms,      systems and devices, advanced life support
operational support equipments for high           systems, biomedical smart sensors based on
altitude, dessert and jungle warfare including    MEMS and ASIC technologies, nanotechnology
protective clothes, combat rations, high          based sensors and systems, NBC equipment
altitude and cold weather shelters required for   and biodefence, specialised analytical facility
human performance enhancement, medical            for submarines and underwater systems.
management solutions for CBRN environment
and combat casualties and combat manpower         Core Competencies/Thrust Areas
deployment. The laboratories are:
                                                  • Design, development and evaluation of
• Defence Bio-engineering and Electro-                 the life support systems for Indian Armed
     medical Laboratory (DEBEL), Bengaluru             Forces

• Defence Food Research Laboratory                • Development of biomedical
     (DFRL), Mysore                                    instrumentation and devices

• Defence Institute of Bio-Energy Research        2.4.2 Defence Food Research
     (DIBER), Haldwani                            Laboratory (DFRL)

• Defence Institute of High Altitude                  DFRL Mysore is involved in design,
     Research (DIHAR), Leh                        development and evaluation of safe, nutritious
                                                  and convenient food to meet the needs of
• Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied      Services. The laboratory has been able to
     Sciences (DIPAS), Delhi                      conserve, preserve, stabilize, design, fabricate
                                                  and engineer a vast array of food products of
• Defence Institute of Psychological              Indian dietary which are not only shelf stable
     Research (DIPR), Delhi                       under all weather conditions but also deliver
                                                  adequate nutrition and energy to keep the
• Defence Research and Development                morale of our Service personnel high at all times.
     Establishment (DRDE), Gwalior
                                                  Core Competencies/Thrust Areas
• Defence Research Laboratory (DRL),
     Tejpur                                       • Development of state-of-the-art food
                                                       technologies including post-harvest
• Institute of Nuclear Medicines and Allied            technology
     Sciences (INMAS), Delhi

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