Page 74 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
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range. Lords 2000 concept demonstrator for
disposal of ordnances up to 155mm mortar
bomb has been developed and lab testing
has been completed. Field testing at TBRL,
Chandigarh is under progress.

                                                                               Wire Rope Waving Target

                2 kW LORDS Prototype                               Aerial Target

Directed Energy Laser Systems                 tested successfully for target tracking laser
                                              beam pointing and beam combination against
    A lab model of 2 kW laser beam directing  moving target on wire rope, ground moving
system consisting of different modules, like;  target and aerial target. Design of engineering
fiber lasers, thermal management unit, beam    model for mounting 2kW directed energy
directing optical channel, electro-optical    system on to a shelter to mount on TATA-
tracking system and command control unit      LPTA is completed.
was integrated on to a transportable shelter
and successfully demonstrated at CHESS and
ATR, up to a range of 1km. The system was

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