Page 73 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
P. 73

Handheld Explosive Identifier System             systems (PREEMPTOR) were developed. Other
(PREEMPTOR)                                     two numbers of Raman-probe based explosive
                                                identification systems (PREEMPTOR-RP)
    PREEMPTOR system was tested &               were developed.
evaluated on mixture samples like soil
samples of explosives, ammonium nitrate         Laser Fence
fuel oil (ANFO), mixtures of other explosives
at different ratios etc. The limit of detection      Laser Fence consisting of Laser wall, using
was evaluated by testing the system on          an IR Laser has been developed. During the
minute quantity of liquid and solids. In case   year, Laser Fence was deployed across a sector
                                                of J&K. Based on the feedback from NC, the
                                                system was optimized and demonstrated and
                                                deployed in another sector of J&K. The system
                                                is operational and working satisfactorily at its
                                                designated location.

                                                Laser Ordnance Disposal System (LORDS) –
                                                LORDS 1000 and LORDS 2000

                    PREEMPTOR                       Lords 1000 was stationed at various
                                                locations of Northern Command (Jammu) of
of mixtures, the system successfully detects    Indian Army. The potential of LORDS was
10 % concentration. Five number of handheld     demonstrated to Indian Army. Engineered
explosive identification systems have been       prototype of LORDS has successfully
developed. Out of these, three numbers of       disposed-off all ordnances (up to 84 mm
stand-off handheld explosive identification       calibre), ammunitions and various other
                                                targets provided by Indian Army. LORDS
                                                was tested for generating incendiary effects
                                                on combustible material up to a range of 600m

Laser Fence

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