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detection. SAR operates in three modes; strip    Display Unit with user friendly HMI. It has
map mode and spot mode which are imaging         integrated provision to transfer target data
modes, and ground moving target indication       to weapon location via wire/wireless mode
(GMTI) mode. SAR generates images of ground      through target designation system to facilitate
of specified resolution and size in imaging       engagement by weapons. During the year,
modes; and carries out ground moving             DRDO evaluation was completed successfully.
target detection and provides measurements       The system is ready for User trials.
in range, azimuth, elevation and range rate
dimensions for each of the detection in GMTI     Coastal Surveillance Radar (CSR) for ICSS
mode. During the year, first indigenous SAR
was evaluated on Flying Test Bed (FTB).              ICSS comprises of chain of ground based
SAR performance in strip map & spotlight         microwave radar, EO sensor, electronic support
modes was established. GMTI mode & DRDO          measures (ESM) and optical sensors. All these
evaluation were completed successfully.          sensors are integrated through a fusion centre
Three flights worthy SAR systems qualified         where the data coming from various sensors
for fitment on UAV.                               and other resources are filtered, correlated
                                                 and fused to produce the best estimate of
Low Level Light Weight Radar – Bharani Mk II     the position, velocity, classification and
                                                 identification of all maritime traffic in the area
    It is a 3D surveillance radar for detecting  of interest. As part of ICSS, LRDE developed
aerial targets up to 50 kms (for 2 m2 targets)   coastal surveillance radar (CSR) capable of
providing altitude coverage of up to 6500m for   detecting small boats at sea, that are likely
Army Air Defence. The radar is designed for      to be a security threat, by providing 24x7
portability, to enable operations in plains and  surveillance. During the year, four CSRs were
desert terrain catering for quick installation   developed and deployed including three CSRs
and decamp. It has the facility for remote       operationalized at a permanent installation.
operation of the radar through Commanders        The ICSS project successfully has been
                                                 successfully completed after Proof of Concept
                                                 (PoC) with radar as the main sensor.

                          Bharani Mk-II          CSR for ICSS

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