Page 71 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
P. 71

MPR ‘Arudhra’                    technologies like solid state transmit/receive
                                                (T/R) modules, digital receivers, programmable
tracking) were validated through dedicated      signal processor, digital beam former. The
sorties.                                        advanced software algorithms, multiple high
                                                speed processors, and state-of-the-art digital
Low Level Transportable Radar (LLTR) ‘Ashwini’  technologies have made the radar an effective
                                                but user friendly sensor providing airspace
    Fully active medium range surveillance      awareness to the Commanders during peace
radar ‘Ashwini’ is a ground based S band        and war time. The radar is fully programmable
rotating active phased array radar system       from the local OWS. During the year, radar has
for air space surveillance to detect and track  been integrated, tracked opportune sorties till
air targets, under hostile EW operational       maximum range and development trials are in
environments. The flexible architecture is a     progress.
reliable and adaptable technology for multiple
applications - early warning for air defence    Long Range Tracking Radar
sensor at airbases. The radar has advanced
                                                    The LRTR is active phased array radar in L
                                                band with electronic steering in azimuth and
                                                elevation. The radar can perform classification
                                                and tracking of aircrafts, missiles, interceptors
                                                and satellites at high update rates subject to
                                                line-of-sight clearance and horizon. During
                                                the year, active array population with antenna
                                                LRUs and antenna PSUs has been completed.
                                                Sub-system integration - cooling, dual rectifier
                                                center (DRC), shelters with the antenna vehicle
                                                antenna has been transported for Phase II User

LLTR ‘Ashwini’                                           Long Range Tracking Radar
                                                Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)

                                                    The SAR for UAV is medium range radar,
                                                for ground imaging and ground moving target

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