Page 70 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
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by the military personnel deployed at Eastern      conducted to evaluate the performance of new
Ladakh sector. Range more than 12 km has           LCD monitor and display over six hours of
been achieved.                                     continuous operation.

Low Cost Surveillance Equipment (LCSE)             LWIR Type Two Super Lattice Detector (T2SL)
                                                   and Thermal Imager Under IIMC (T2SL_TI)
    Two units of LCSE has been realized and
were handed over to Northern command                   Three numbers of LWIR Type Two Super
(Army) for exploitation. After successful trials,  Lattice (T2SL) detector were realized through
Northern Command has issued RFP for six            M/s SCD, Israel by joint funding between
nos. of LCSE to production agency.                 DRDO and MOD Israel and based upon this
                                                   detector IRDE has realized a thermal imager.
EO sub systems for Integrated Coastal
Surveillance System (ICSS)

    Three electro-optical subsystems (EOS)
for ICSS are installed at three different remote
locations at PXE, Balasore. Trials for Proof of
Concept (PoC) completed.

                                                   Type 2 Superlattice (T2SL) IDDCA

              EO sub-systems for ICSS                     Thermal Imager based on T2SL IDDCA

Commander’s Thermal Imaging Sights                 Medium Power Radar (MPR) ‘Arudhra’

    During the year, winter User trials of             ‘Arudhra’ is a fully active array aperture
Commander’s TI cum LRF sights for T-90             rotating multi-beam, multi-function phased
tanks were carried out at PFFR in Jan 2016 to      Array Radar with staring mode. It is also
evaluate the efficacy of sight to operate at low     provided with a mode for detection and
temperature, check its endurance, ruggedness       tracking of low RCS, high speed and highly
& detection, recognition & identification           manoeuvring targets. During the year, Phase I
performance at night. EMI/EMC, DGQA                & Phase II User trials were completed wherein
and MET trials of Commander’s Thermal              the performance parameters of the radar
Imager for T-90 tanks have been completed.         (coverage, resolution, max. detection range,
Supplementary User trials, EMI/EMC, DGQA           manoeuvre target tracking and low RCS target
and MET of non panoramic Commander’s TI
sights for 3 variants of BMP tanks were also

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