Page 69 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
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‘Nayan’ and ESM ‘Tushar’. The air-borne            System has gone through by field trials at User
systems include COMINT ‘Sarvadhari’, ESM           site and upgraded one of the V/UHF Jammer
‘Sarang’ & ‘Sarakshi’ and ESM & COMINT             of Programme SAMYUKTA.
‘Nikash’. Design of each of the above mentioned
products has been completed and hardware           Project GIRISHAKTI for Indian Army
is under realization. M/s BEL will be the
prime production agency for the production             DRDO is involved in the indigenous
of EW systems. During the year, lab demo           design & development of critical EW entity
of Sarvadhari, Nikash (COMINT) and Shakti          constituents and entity & system software
systems were conducted. Engineered Model of        towards realization of integrated EW system
Nayan System has been installed on platform        for mountainous terrain, HIMSHAKTI for
and Harbor Acceptance Tests (HATs) are in          Indian Army. The requirement capture
progress.                                          document (RCD) was generated and
                                                   submitted to the Army for approval. DLRL
Project HIMRAJ for Indian Air Force                has undertaken the development of critical
                                                   EW equipment and system software for IEWS
    The aim of the project is to design and        for MT (HIMSHAKTI) under the TD Project
develop ground based ELINT mobile station          GIRISHAKTI.
meeting the requirement projected by the IAF.
Production order for 6 nos. of GBMES systems       ‘VARUNA’ ESM System for Indian Navy
on M/s BEL (H) is under execution. During
the year, User evaluation of the GBMES                 'Varuna’ is a modern ESM system capable
Engineered Model has been completed.               of interception, detection, classification and
                                                   identification of pulsed, continuous wave
SAMRIDDHI                                          (CW), pulse repetition frequency (PRF)
                                                   agile, frequency agile radars including low
    Samriddhi is a Technology Development          probability of intercept (LPI) radars over wide
project to carry out the system design activities  frequency bands. During the year, ‘Varuna’
towards realization of a state-of-the-art jammer   1st production system was delivered to Users
system with interface software, which can act      and has been installed on the platform. The
as a comprehensive test bed and can upgrade        installed system is currently undergoing
the existing SAMYUKTA JSVU. System along           HATs. Production order has been placed by
with interface software has been realized.         Navy for 18 systems.

                                                   Border Surveillance System (BOSS)

                                                       DRDO is involved in design and
                                                   development of border surveillance system
                                                   comprising of EO payload consisting of thermal
                                                   & day camera, LRF, GPS & DMC and BFSR for
                                                   day/night monitoring of border area to ease
                                                   man patrolling by automatically detecting
                                                   the intrusion. During the year, two units of
                                                   remotely operable BOSS powered with solar &
                                                   high-density battery packs has been installed
                                                   for exploitation to reduce the hardship faced

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