Page 68 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
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system demonstration (Phase-1) to the user      UHF channel) are completed. Interoperation
(IAF) has been completed in Jul 2016. Based on  of SDR-MP with MSS Terminals using G SAT6
the demonstration, IAF has decided to install   SATCOM Network is achieved.
Dhruti RWR system, as replacement of R118
on Su-30 MKI aircraft, subject to timely and    S-Band Hub and Ground SATCOM Terminals
successful flight evaluation. All the critical
environmental tests of modified receiver             DEAL has realized three types of satellite
front-end unit (MRFU), one of the two LRUs,     terminal hardware namely manpack SATCOM
have been completed. Laboratory evaluation      terminal (MST), SATCOM messaging terminal
of the system as per user approved ATP is in    (SMT) and handheld SATCOM terminal
progress.                                       (HST). A total of 25 MST, 25 SMT, 25 HST and
                                                3 SATCOM on the move terminal (SOTM)
Software Defined Radio (SDR)                     have been realized. Software development
                                                for SMT, MST, HST and SOTM Terminals
    DRDO, in a consortium approach              has been completed and ported. Exhaustive
with CDAC and WESEE as development              testing in emulated environment and GSAT6
partners and BEL as the production partner,     is completed. Umbrella network control &
is working towards the development of a         management system (UNCMS) for Indian
family of network-enabled, interoperable and    Defence Forces has been developed, deployed
modular SDRs to provide wireless secure         and operational in DEAL hub. DEAL Hub has
communication capability to both mobile         been augmented for GSAT6 and is operational.
and fixed forces as required by the Indian
Navy. Development, integrated with platform     Indian Automatic Identification System (IAIS)
software, for all form factors SDR-Naval        and Support Communication
Combat (SDR-NC), SDR-Tactical (SDR-TAC),
SDR-Airborne (SDR-AR), SDR Manpack                  150 units of Indian AIS participated in
(SDR-MP) and SDR-Hand held (SDR-HH) is          integrated trials for PoC at Kochi. Indian AIS
completed. Development of all 13 waveforms      terminals participated during Proof of Concept
including adhoc networking waveforms is         (POC) trials at PXE, Balasore. It has been fitted
completed. All development activities for       on DRDO Boats.
security features for SDR-NC, SDR-TAC and
                                                High Data Rate VLF Receiver
                                                    During the year, crypto module
SDR-MP completed using trial versions of        fabrication was done through BEL Panchkula.
software. Developed sea trials of SDR-NC and    GMSK demodulator @ BT 1/6 completed
Dornier trials of single channel SDR-AR (V/     and integrated with LDPC decoder. Carrier
                                                recovery with BT 1/6 completed and tested in
                                                integration working at 9 dB SNR. VLF noise
                                                generator test equipment developed through

                                                EW Systems ‘Samudrika’ for Capital Ships,
                                                Aircrafts and Helicopters for Indian Navy

                                                    DRDO has taken up the development of a
                                                family of seven EW systems. The ship-borne
                                                systems include EW Suite ‘Shakti’, COMINT

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