Page 67 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
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PFMG SW has been completed. Development
                                                   of indigenous radome for transmitting antenna
                                                   proto unit and development and qualification
                                                   of transmitters are completed.

                                                   Dual Colour Missile Approach Warning System
                                                   for Fighter Aircraft

                                                       DCMAWS has been demonstrated to
                                                   DRDO evaluation committee and User. Mock
                                                   up interface beam received. Fabrication of first
                                                   interface beam is in progress.

D-29 System

Internal Radar Warning Jammer (RWJ) System                   DCMAWS for Fighter Aircraft
for Jaguar Darin III up grade Aircraft (D-JAG
System)                                            Digital Radar Warning Receiver (Dhruti)

    D-JAG is an integrated EW system for               DR 118 is a new generation RWR designed
radar warning and jamming. The system              and developed for installation on fighter,
encompasses radar warning receiver (RWR)           transport aircraft or helicopter. It intercepts
and electronic counter measures (ECM)              and identifies airborne, ship-borne and
functions. The system intercepts and identifies     ground based acquisition, target tracking
airborne, ship-borne and ground based radars       and missile guidance radars. During the year,
used for target acquisition, tracking and missile
guidance. During the year, development of Core
EW Unit Engineering Unit as a first indigenous
step has been achieved. Joint development of
OFP SW is ready for functional qualification
testing. Integration of other indigenous efforts
towards development of Core RF matrix and

D-JAG Core EW Unit HPRF section                    DR 118 Test Rig

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