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Core Competencies/Thrust Areas                     objectives, and thus manifesting itself by
                                                   progressively and steadily growing, to build
• Vision instrumentation including day             up the right capability to serve the Services
     vision and thermal imager based night         with the modern electrical and electronics
     vision instruments                            equipment. LRDE has embarked in design &
                                                   development of ground based, ship borne and
• Compact laser based instruments                  airborne complex radar systems.

• Integrated optical and electro-optical           Core Competencies/Thrust Areas
     surveillance and fire control system
                                                   • Development of critical radar technologies
• Photonics, micro & nano-photonics                     like transmit/receive (T/R) modules, slotted
                                                        wave guide array antenna, phased array
• THz based communication                               antenna, multi-beam antenna, micro-strip
                                                        antenna, high power transmitters, digital
2.3.6 Laser Science and                                 receivers, programmable signal and data
Technology Centre (LASTEC)                              processors, digital beam forming (DBF)
                                                        and radar controllers
    LASTEC Delhi is a centre of excellence in the
field of lasers and their Defence applications.     • Design and development of major sub-
The Centre is focussed in the development of            systems viz., mechanical and electronic
related technologies.                                   scanning antennas

Core Competencies/Thrust Areas                     • High performance exciters and receivers

• Critical technologies related to                 Significant Achievements
     development of high power fiber laser,         during the year 2016
     liquid laser source, gas laser and chemical
     laser sources with desired power levels       Internal EW System for MiG-29 Upgrade
     and beam quality for DEW applications         Aircraft (D-29 System)

• Laser countermeasures and non-lethal                 D-29 is an integrated EW system for
     weapons                                       warning and jamming that encompasses RWR,
                                                   ECM, and ESM functions and utilizes state-
• Laser spectroscopy for detection and             of-the-art active phased arrays for selectively
     identification of nuclear, biological,         jamming the multiple threat radars. Flight
     chemical warfare agents and explosive         trials of D-29 EW System for MiG 29 aircraft
     materials                                     is in progress. Exhaustive GAT including
                                                   EMI/EMC in the presence of onboard jammer
• Laser based systems for defence                  and radar were completed. Flight trials have
     applications                                  been conducted; 16 sorties were flown against
                                                   ground and airborne emitters in Nasik and
2.3.7 Electronics and Radar                        Gwalior.
Development Establishment (LRDE)

    LRDE Bengaluru strived continually
redefining and formulating its vision and

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