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• Critical technologies for high class ground    addition to development, DARE also conducts
     mobile directed energy laser                integration and testing of the systems into
2.3.2 Defence Avionics Research
Establishment (DARE)                             Core Competencies/Thrust Areas

    DARE Bengaluru is carrying out R&D           • Airborne Electronic Warfare (EW)
of airborne electronic warfare and mission            Systems: Design and development of RF
avionics systems. DARE has two major                  and electro-optics (EO) based warning and
domain of expertise – the Electronic Warfare          jammer systems; operational exploitation
(EW) and the Mission Avionics. The EW group           of EW system; flight evaluation of EW
concentrates on development of radar warning          system; test and evaluation facilities for
systems and EW suites for various fighter              airborne EW systems.
and transport aircraft and helicopters. DARE
developed state-of-the-art radar warning         • Mission Avionics: Design, development,
receivers, high accuracy direction finding             integration and evaluation of Mission
pods, airborne jammers, flight instrumentation         Avionics Systems; design and
are used across a wide variety of IAF aircraft.       development of mission hardware and
DARE has gained sufficient expertise and                operational software; avionics upgrades
knowledge base through ongoing projects for           and automatic test equipments.
the development of EW Suites for LCA, MiG29
and Jaguar DARIN III.                            2.3.3 Defence Electronics
                                                 Application Laboratory (DEAL)
    DARE has integrated MAWS systems
based on UV and IR based sensors on Cheetah          DEAL Dehradun is engaged in pursuing
and Mi17 helicopters. The sensors detect         technologies in frontline areas of Defence
the missiles that are launched towards the       communication and surveillance including
aircraft and declare the angular information     image analysis leading to delivery of fully
of the threat to the pilot through visual and    engineered systems to the Services based
audio information. Upon the declaration of       on their operational requirements. The lab
the threat, the counter measure dispensing       is engaged in the development of software
system installed in the aircraft is also cued    radios, data links, satellite based systems for
for dispensing the flares. Dual Color MAWS        communication & surveillance, millimeter
which is a passive missile approach warning      wave sensors & communication systems and
system utilizing two spectral bands in the Mid   image processing & analysis techniques.
Band IR has been developed for fighter aircraft.
                                                 Core Competencies/Thrust Areas
    The Mission Avionics group has developed
avionics computers such as mission computer,     • Network centric software defined radio
radar and display computers for various
aircraft including Tejas, Jaguar DARIN-II,       • Integrated C-Band, Ku-Band SATCOM
MiG27 and the Su-30MKI. DARE has also                 & S-Band SATCOM data links for UAVs
successfully indigenously upgraded MiG27              and AEWC&S
aircraft with modern digital avionics. In
                                                 • Image intelligence and environment

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