Page 59 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
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WSN Sensors

and integrated to the wireless sensor nodes. The    been analyzed for precipitation climatology
installation of wireless sensor network (WSN)       over Karakoram Himalaya for a common
has been completed at creep & glide avalanche       period of 1998-2007.
site of Dhundi in HP in Aug 2016. The network
consists of 35 nos. of wireless nodes and a total   Production Orders
of 128 nos. of sensors.
                                                    • Out of 147 nos. of total order quantity of
Impact of climate change on glacier in                   BLT-T72, 2 nos. are fully completed in all
Karakoram Himalaya and their implications on             respects and handed over to Army. JRI
Army development (HIM PARIVARTAN)                        has been completed for 6 nos. and are
                                                         in the process of handing over to Army.
    Generation of Digital Database: Digital data         Remaining vehicles are under various
base has been generated using SoI mapsheets              stages of production.
at 1:50000 for the study area Shyok basin
(Karakoram Himalaya).                               • The second production order quantity
                                                         of 21 nos. of Carrier Mortar Tracked on
    Mapping and Monitoring of Glaciers: Glacier          BMP-II is issued to Army.
inventory is generated using high resolution
Pleiades satellite data of the year 2013-14. Total  • Out of the total order quantity of 288 nos.
2419 glaciers have been mapped in the study              of Armoured Ambulance, 149 nos. of
area. More than 300 avalanche sites have been            vehicles were issued to Army so far.
mapped with various attribute data.
                                                    • 53 nos. of armoured engineer recce vehicle
    Climatology of Karakoram Himalayas:                  (AERV) are under execution at OFMK.
Climatological studies of Karakoram Himalaya
suggest that overall temperatures are increasing    • 16 nos. of CBRN recce vehicle under
and snowfall is decreasing in Siachen area for a         production at OFMK, Two vehicles
period of more than two decades.                         has been handed over to User unit and
                                                         remaining 14 vehicles are in advanced
    Long Term Precipitation Analysis: Different           stages of completion.
precipitation products such as TRMM, ERA
Interim, APHRODITE and CRU datasets has             • 03 nos. of flight rotary engines (FREs)
                                                         handed over to User.

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