Page 58 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
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(SAAS)’ has also been developed which has                          Infrasonic sensor array
the additional capability of image processing,
data base management and 3D visualization.             Acoustics Emission Snowpack Stability
This popular software is being used by             from Natural Slope site: Acoustic Emission
Army and Air force units for their terrain         (AE) sensor network has been installed on
analysis requirements. The software is being       an avalanche slope site at Patsio (3800 m) in
customized for different geospatial application     order to monitor the continuous AE activity
of sister laboratories.                            produced during instability development
                                                   process within the snowpack. This AE system
Slope Scale Spatial Variability of Mechanical      is monitoring the AE activity in the avalanche
Properties & Acoustic Emission Responses           slope and the results have been validated with
from Himalayan Snow Cover (HIM TARANG)

    Development of Snowpack Model: Snowpack
simulations had been carried out for winter
season 2015-16 for stations located in Himachal
Pradesh and J&K. Outcome of simulations had
been used in operational avalanche forecast
assessment. Integration of WRF data for

Snowpack Model

Snowpack simulations has been tested for a               Acoustics Emission Sensor Network
field station in J&K.
                                                   actual avalanche occurrences.
    Real Time Avalanche Monitoring using
Infrasonic Sensor Array: Infrasonic sensor arrays  Assessment of snowpack stability over a slope
have been installed and tested at two locations    using Wireless Sensor Network (AWSN)
namely Patsio (3800m) and Dhudhi (3080m)
in Himachal Pradesh. Further, in-house array           Design, development & Integration of
data processing utility-infralocator, has been     WSN Sensors: Various snow instruments viz.
developed. This utility is capable to read,        glide shoe, snow pack profiler and sprung
filter, process data for event detection and        probe sensors have been designed, developed

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