Page 57 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
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installation of required system software (Like   objects. The work on development of modules
OS, ROS, etc.) completed.                        on soil texture identification and composite
                                                 material identification is progressing
Support Vehicles for Missile Programme           satisfactory.

    Transporter cum Tilter (TCT) vehicle for     Geospatial Intelligence Mission (GIM)
Agni-4: Five nos. of successful launches of
Agni-4 from TCT vehicle, developed by VRDE.          DTRL has developed the high resolution
JRI of one TCT vehicle completed and handed      geospatial framework of Tibet and Myanmar
over to User unit.                               for 400 km depth across IB with the exploitation
                                                 of multi-sensor indigenous satellite data
    Transporter cum Tilter (TCT) vehicle for     products. The mapping products are used for
Agni-5: Successful launch of Agni-5 canister
based missile TCT vehicle developed by
VRDE. One TCT vehicle handed over to
the User. 16 nos. launcher and 12 nos. IMS
vehicles requirement has been undertaken for

    Ground Support Vehicles for Agni-3:
Integrated transportation system (ITS) for S1
rocket motor on 50t semi-trailer was realised
and handed over to SFC, Jagdalpur. Special
purpose transporter (SPT) for Agni-3 missile on
70t Semi trailer for short range transportation
cum storage. 2 nos. are realised and will be
handed over to User.

    Ground Support Vehicles for Agni-1, Agni-4            Geospatial Intelligence Mission
& Agni-5: Various ground support vehicles are
developed, trials carried out & deployed into    the generation of 2307 Defence Series Maps at
services e.g. integrated mobile system vehicles  1:50,000 by DGMO.
(for A1, A4 & A5); jet deflector vehicles, power
supply vehicles (for A1)                         Terrain Assessment System for Trans-border
                                                 Desert in Western Sector (THAR)
Hyper-spectral Imaging for Terrain Diagnosis
(HIMANT)                                             Military Application enabled GIS software
                                                 ‘Situational Awareness and Analysis System
    Field investigation has been successfully
conducted in plain, desert, mountain, runn and
coastal areas using field spectral radiometer.
Approximately 5000 spectral signatures
covering visible, near infrared and shortwave
infrared region of electromagnetic spectrum
have been acquired for natural and man- made

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