Page 56 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
P. 56


    MobileNBCShelter:AmobileNBCcollective-                     Wheeled Armour Platform
protection shelter with NEMP protection has
been designed to operate in nuclear fallout     technology demonstrator prototypes of WhAP
zone. It can be used as a command and control   are under development; one will be integrated
post. It provides protection for 8-10 persons   with 30 mm turret system and second will be
for 96 hours in NBC environment. The shelter    integrated with remote controlled weapon
design has been completed and 1 unit has been   system (RCWS). During the year, Armoured
realized.                                       Prototype-I duly integrated with BMP-II turret
                                                has been realized and following trials have
    Underground NBC Shelter: A composite        been successfully conducted: flotation trials
underground NBC shelter has been                at Mula dam, firing trials at KK ranges and
successfully realized for the first time in the  mobility trials at MFFR, Rajasthan.
Composite Sonar Dome                            65hp Rotary Engine for Conventional Takeoff
                                                and Landing UAV
    The first indigenous composite sonar
dome for P15A class ship has been successfully      Two nos. prototype engines developed.
developed and realised. The dome has            Assembling and testing of two nos. prototype
qualified for acoustic transparency. The dome    engines for performance evaluation completed.
was successfully delivered to Indian Navy       Testing of the engine completed with new
                                                Ram pipe and various propellers. Performance
                 Composite Sonar Dome           testing on Dynamometer test-bed completed.
for fitment to INS Kolkata. The realisation of   Testing of engine with modified pulleys
second dome is in progress.                     with various reduction ratios completed.
Wheeled Armour Platform (WhAP)                  Performance evaluation is under progress.

    WhAP is a multi-utility armoured platform   Development of Technologies for Autonomous
with modular design, configurable for variety    Unmanned Ground Vehicle and Testing on
of combat and combat support roles up to 26     Automotive Platform: DeTA-UGV
ton GVW. It is powered with a high power
diesel engine and is equipped with 8X8              Detailed design and DDR has been
driveline with independent suspension. Two      completed. Interface control definition (ICD)
                                                document was finalized and development
                                                of rugged fanless embedded controllers (10
                                                nos.) has been completed, ATP done, and

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