Page 55 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
P. 55

Launcher for MRSAM                     Akash Air Force Launcher (AAFL): AAFLs
                                                  have been handed over to IAF and the Akash
Launchers                                         weapon systems are operational at various
                                                  IAF units. System has been accepted by IAF
    MRSAM: The Mobile Launcher System             and it is under production. Technology has
(MLS) for the MRSAM has been designed and         been transferred to M/s BEL which is the lead
configured to meet the operational requirements    production agency for IAF.
& functional needs of the IAF as projected. Four
MLS has been realized successfully. FAT has       NBC Shelters
been completed for all four MLS. Three firing
have been done successfully from one MLS              Inflatable NBC Shelter: The shelter is
(L&T) in the month of Jun 2016.                   designed for providing NBC protection to 10
                                                  men for 48 hrs. It can be used as command-
      QRSAM: The QRSAM weapon system              control post, rest-relief shelter or medical
is a quick reaction missile system capable of     treatment centre. Inflatable beams and
surveillance, target acquisition & fire on short   arches are used as structural members. It can
halts. The QRSAM MLV is high mobility             be erected within 10 min, and can be fully
vehicle for launching QRSAM missile. The          operational in 30 min. The shelter is man-
                                                  portable and equipped with all necessary life-
                                                  support systems such as for climate-control,
                                                  ventilation, and power-supply. During the
                                                  year, UATT has been completed.

                                                  Inflatable NBC Shelter

                Launcher for QRSAM                Mobile NBC Shelter

MLV houses up to six canisterised missiles
(CMs). QRSAM MLV have been realized and
short burn test completed successfully

    Akash Army Launcher (AAL): Production of
10 launchers completed and delivered to the

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