Page 53 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
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Modular Bridge                        Infantry Floating Foot Bridge

loads. Second prototype of the system has      during operations. To meet this requirement,
been successfully realised. Technical trials   an 100m infantry floating foot bridge has been
have been completed and the project has been   developed by R&DE(E) to negotiate such
successfully closed this year.                 obstacles. The bridge is made in modules
                                               with dimensions of 2250 mm x 1000 mm x
Mountain Foot Bridge                           240 mm weighing about 55 kg each, which
                                               can be carried by 2 men. Panels are made of
    A lightweight mountain footbridge has      aluminium alloys filled with polyurethane
been developed to bridge dry/wet gaps up       foam (PUF). Modules are provided with ball
to 34.5 m with a pathway of 0.8 m width. The   and socket arrangement for quick coupling.
bridge is made of high-strength aluminium      During the year, trials in water current up to 2
alloy components such that each component      knots were completed successfully.
is man-portable and weighs less than 18 kg.
It includes a man-portable launching system    Counter Mine Flail (CMF Mk-II)
such that the bridge can be constructed from
near-bank without any access to the far-bank.      Counter Mine Flail (CMF) will have
During the year, summer and winter Users       a flailing system mounted on a T-72 tank
trials were completed successfully.

Infantry Floating Foot Bridge

    There is often a requirement of rapid
crossing of rivers and canals by infantry

Mountain Foot Bridge

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