Page 52 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
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Arjun Catapult                                   Indigenous design & development of all
                                                 the remaining major modules with high
    CVRDE is involved in design and              capacities, viz. crane, dozer, APU, etc., were
development of catapult gun system by            taken-up for the first time in the country and
integrating the 130 mm gun system on MBT         progressed satisfactorily. All these modules
Arjun chassis and automotive system. The         are in advanced stages of manufacture and
system is designed to provide artillery guns,    testing. With the newer high capacity recovery
                                                 modules, the first prototype is likely to be
                Catapult Gun System              ready by Mar 2017.

matching mobility with contemporary tanks        Generator Endurance Test Rig (GETR)
in the battlefield. GSQR winter trials at PFFR
during Jan 2016 and DGQA evaluations &               GETR has been commissioned at CVRDE
MET during the month of Feb-Mar 2016 were        to validate the performance of various
successfully completed.                          generators for a speed range of 3000 rpm to
                                                 14100 rpm up to 20 kW power. Test rig features
Arjun Armoured Recovery and Repair Vehicle       programmable speed/load profiles which
(Arjun ARRV)                                     will assist in performing endurance cycles on
                                                 the generator. This rig has been extensively
    The ARRV is intended for carrying out        utilized for carrying out functional testing of
recovery, repair and replenishing functions      prototype generators.
pertaining to MBT Arjun in operational areas
under a wide variety of field conditions. The     Environmental Simulation Test Chamber
major systems in ARRV include chassis and        Facility (ESTEC)
automotive control, main winch, auxiliary
winch, crane and anchor cum dozer, main              ESTEC is a major infrastructure and
engine and hydraulic system. During the          unique test facility being created to simulate
year, the development of first prototype          different adverse environmental conditions
commenced by the co-development partner          encountered by various systems of MBT
(M/s. BEML) & fabrication of the hull structure  Arjun in the dessert and warfield scenario.
was successfully completed. Development of       This methodology adopted is to pre-qualify
two of the major critical modules, viz. main     the mechanical, electrical, electronic, optical
winch & aux. winch with capacities of 50 T       and sighting systems in fully assembled and
& 2 T respectively, have been successfully       integrated condition. The facility is expected
completed by the foreign OEM (M/s Rotzler),      to be operational by Jun 2017.
as per the tailor-made technical specifications
and delivered after due demonstrations.          46m Military Load Class (MLC-70) Modular

                                                     R&DE(E) has developed a mechanically
                                                 launched single span 46m MLC-70 modular
                                                 bridge with bridge length variable from 14m to
                                                 46m in step of 6.5m. The complete system has
                                                 been realized and the bridge superstructure,
                                                 launching nose and bank seat beams (BSBs)
                                                 have been tested successfully under simulated

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