Page 51 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
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Scaling laws for Explosive in Tunnel            of 73 tank fittable improvements have been
                                                declared successful. DGQA evaluation and
    Test setup for 1/15th scaled model of       Maintenance Evaluation Trials (MET) have
underground facility of 40 MT NEC has been      been ordered for the successful improvements.
fabricated and is being installed at Borkhedi   Only missile firing demonstration is the major
range of DRDE.                                  pending improvement, though demonstrated
                                                earlier to User. Towards this, DRDO has taken
Production Orders                               up development of optimised Add-on Laser
                                                Target Designator in project mode.
    Clearance has been given for construction
of explosive storage houses (Igloos, URP based      During this year, User had intimated on
HD 1.1, URP based HD 1.3).                      the requirement for conduct of ‘Integrated User
                                                Confirmatory Trials (IUCT)’ on Arjun MBT Mk-
COMBAT VEHICLES &                               II Prototype 1. As a prelude, DRDO conducted
ENGINEERING                                     extensive ‘Integrated DRDO confirmatory
                                                trials’ at Mahajan Field Firing Range (MFFR)
Arjun Main Battle Tank (MBT) Mk-II              during May & Jun 2016. All systems of the tanks
                                                were individually and as integrated system
    Arjun MBT Mk-II has been designed and       were evaluated during the trials. IUCT will be
developed incorporating 84 improvements (73     conducted along with missile firing capability.
tank fittable) over and above Arjun MBT Mk-I.    DRDO has conducted internal evaluation trials
Out of these 19 improvements (15 tank fittable)  for optimised advanced running gear system
have been identified as major improvements.      and composited hatches (as part of weight
Arjun MBT Mk-II is in advanced phase of User    reduction evaluation) during Nov and Dec 2016.
trials. About 67 tank fittable improvements out

MBT Arjun Mk-II

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