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lot has been realized. Pelleting and coating    Ansys Fluent software package was developed
technique established for flare composition. IC  and validated with the experimental results
& SFU performance were assessed successfully.   of lab scale facility. The model has been used
After successful achieving the QR, DQT plan     for designing a water mist based Plume IRSS
was finalized in association with RCMA(AA),      system for Gas Turbine (GT) test bed at Naval
Pune. Collaborative Development of Low          Dockyard, Vishakhapatnam. After testing and
Vulnerable High Performance Propellant with     validation of the design at GT Test bed, the
Low Temperature Co-efficient and Improved         design will be implemented in Delhi class of
Shelf-Life of Ammunition. Propellant at 2 &     naval ships.
5 kg batch level were processed and ballistic
tested in 12.7 & 30 mm lab gun in Russia for    High Pressure Water Mist Fire Protection
temperature coefficient. 300 kg propellant was    System for Naval Ships
produced for dynamic trial in Russian 125
mm lab gun. Specification for equipments was         One single fluid atomizer with mist
finalized and realisation of plant & machinery   generation rate of 20 lpm @ 100 bar pressure was
for propellant processing is in progress.       developed and characterized for droplet size
100 Ton Swing Bench Static Test Bed             distribution. This atomizer along with three
                                                other commercial atomizers was evaluated for
    Installation and commissioning of 100       their fire suppression performance and mist
Ton swing bench static test bed have been       extinguishing concentration in 40 m3 chamber.

      100 Ton Swing Bench Static Test Bed       Advanced Non-Intrusive Detector
completed and about 50 trials have been
conducted to the date.                              Designed and developed an experimental
Water Mist Technology for IR Signature          facility for identification of absorption spectra
Suppression of Gas Turbine Exhaust of Naval     and generation of calibration curves for
Ships                                           radiation intensity vs. gas concentration for
                                                the fire gases, viz., CO2, CO, C2H2 & CH4.
    A comprehensive computational model         This setup along with the developed field
for plume and water mist interaction using      deployable FPGA based signal processing
                                                electronics module and software program in
                                                MATLAB Simulink has been demonstrated.

                                                New Organic Molecules to be used as Halon
                                                Alternative (NOMHA)

                                                    Out of projected 30 molecules, 10
                                                molecules have been synthesized successfully,
                                                their optimized synthesis methodology
                                                established. Out of three 10 synthesized
                                                molecules following 03 molecules have been
                                                qualified for up scaling based on their fire
                                                extinguishing performance and acute toxicity
                                                evaluation: 1,1,1-tryfluro-2-iodo ethane;
                                                1,1,1,2,2-pentafluoro-3-iodoproprane and

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