Page 49 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
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Structural Load Test Facility

two vertical hydraulic jacks, simultaneously.    trials were conducted and ballistic parameters
Loading capacity of any individual point is 2T.  established. BMCS modules were also
Loads are measured though load cells. Strains    evaluated in 155 mm 45 cal gun to establish
and displacements are measured though strain     ballistic parameters.
gauges and LVDTs, respectively. Load cells,      Multispectral IR Decoy Flares
strain gauges and LVDTs are connected to a
80 channel data acquisition system (DAQ).            Under this project, IR flare composition for
Parameters are monitored and recorded using      both 218 and 50 mm format has been finalized.
the DAQ. The maximum size of the bomb which      Priming composition and coating technology
can be load tested is Ø600 mm x 4000 mm.         is finalized. Hardware component for 5mm

Bi-modular Charge System (BMCS) for 155 mm                  Multispectral IR Decoy Flares
Artillery Gun

    DRDO has taken a pro-active step in
developing BMCS for 155 mm artillery gun
for operations at high altitude region. During
the year, triple base propellant was developed,
charge mass assessment and confirmatory
trials was carried out, temperature co-efficient

BMCS                                             format is realized. Impulse Cartridge (IC) and
                                                 Safety & Functioning Unit (SFU) performance
                                                 assessed successfully. Static and dynamic
                                                 firings of flare in limited numbers were
                                                 successfully completed.

                                                 Multispectral 50mm IR Flare

                                                     Hardware design finalized production

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