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components achieved in calibre conversion                        1.6 MJ Capacitor Bank
between 5.56x45 mm, 7.62x39 mm & 6.8x43
mm. Development of sighting system viz.           Design, manufacturing and testing of various
weapon day sight (WDS), weapon night              pulsed power components like pulsed shaping
sight (WNS) & UBGL sight (realized 4 nos.         inductor and high voltage high current co-
each) completed by IRDE & firing trials were       axial cable is completed. Design of Rogowoski
successful. Technology of multi calibre rifle      coils for measuring pulsed currents and B-dot
has been successfully established & the project   probes to measure armature position and
has been closed.                                  velocity inside the railgun bore is completed.
Corner Shot Weapon System (CSWS)                  Data acquisition system and automatic control
                                                  system was developed in-house.
    During the year, a Mission Mode project
‘Corner Shot Weapon System for Pistol &               Railgun testing: Eight firings of railguns
UBGL’ has been sanctioned in Jul 2016.            were carried out at different bank energies
Development through two private firms for 40       from projectile mass of 8 g to 120 g. Muzzle
                                                  velocity of 1500 m/s was achieved for eight
           Corner Shot Weapon System              gram projectile and 550m/s was achieved for
nos. each of CSWS for pistol & UBGL is being      120 g projectile.
pursued. Finalization of ATP in consultation
with DGQA is under progress.                      Structural Load Facility
EM Gun
                                                      A structural load test facility was
    400 kJ Module and 1.6 MJ capacitor bank set   inaugurated at ARDE by Director ARDE in
up and testing: Set up and integration of 1.6 MJ  Aug 2016. Structural load testing is required to
capacitor bank is completed using four 400kJ      validate the structural design and analysis of
modules. Other sub-systems like charging          the store for carriage loads encountered during
and dump circuitry, 2m railgun of 12mm and        carriage of bombs on fighter aircrafts. The load
30mm bore size were designed and realized.        test setup uses hydraulic jacks to apply loads
                                                  at various locations on the bomb being tested.
                                                  Pressured oil is fed to the hydraulic jacks through
                                                  a manual hydraulic pump. The bomb can be
                                                  simultaneously loaded at four different points
                                                  in lateral directions and along axial direction.
                                                  Two fins of the tail units can be also loaded using

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