Page 47 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
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the performance of software. Field testing of      Development Flight Tests (IDFT - S01) of
‘PRACHAND’ was also carried out. PSQR has          ATGM for MBT Arjun Mk-II was conducted
been finalized and approved for 'ULKA' and          at PXE Balasore during Nov-Dec 2016. The
prototype development & testing has been           ATGM was launched from 120mm rifled gun
completed.                                         of Arjun at 10° elevation. During the testing
Penetration-cum-Blast (PCB) and Thermo-            it was established that the missile could be
baric (TB) Ammunition for 120 mm Arjun Tank        successfully prevented from developing
                                                   any appreciable roll while traveling in the
    PCB ammunition has been designed to            gun barrel. This was done by employing an
defeat bunkers, light concrete structures,         innovative fin-deployment mechanism which
administrative buildings, field fortifications       is linked to propulsion nozzle opening. The
and machine gun posts. The TB ammunition is        capability of ATGM to reach the desired
being designed to defeat light vehicles, infantry  maximum range of 5km has been established.
formations, etc. Test firing of 120mm PCB &         Multi Caliber Individual Weapon System
TB tank ammunition specifically designed for        (MCIWS)

               PCB & TB Ammunition                     Six final prototypes of MCIWS have been
‘Arjun’ tank was carried out during Jan 2016       realized. Successful functioning of the weapon
at PXE, Chandipur in association with active       achieved in Single Shot (SS) & Short Burst
involvement of Army. The trials were aimed         (SB/Automatic) mode of firing. Firing trial
to demonstrate the effectiveness of the above       carried out from 40 mm Under Barrel Grenade
ammunition on Derelict Tank fitted with             Launcher (UBGL) assembled with MCIWS
instrumentation to measure the shocks, blast       was successful. Development of 6.8x43 mm
pressure and temperature at various locations      ammunition completed, ballistic parameters
and advanced imaging systems. These trials are     established. Developed and realized 7.62x39
unique and for the first time such evaluation is    mm Proof rds (Qty 300) from OFV. Developed
carried out in India. The new ammunition will      and realized proof equipment’s for 7.62x39
add a quantum jump in the fire power of Main        mm & 6.8x43 mm (velocity and pressure
Battle Tank (MBT) ‘Arjun’.                         barrels 10 nos. each). 90% commonality of
ATGM for MBT Arjun MK-II
                                                      Multi Caliber Individual Weapon System
    The first series of Instrumented

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